Sonoro provides “Force Majeure” Notice

Sonoro Energy Ltd.


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Sonoro provides “Force Majeure” Notice

Calgary, Alberta / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2014 - Sonoro Energy Ltd. ("Sonoro" or the "Company") (TSX-V: SNV) hereby provides a further update on its asphalt license (the "Asphalt License") in Iraq with the Salah ad Din provincial government (the "Provincial Government").

The Company has worked with the Provincial Government towards obtaining the necessary federal approvals for its Asphalt License. However, with the recent events and security situation deteriorating in Iraq, especially in the area of Salah ad Din, it has become unpractical and unsafe to continue having meetings with the Provincial Government, as well as with the federal government. As a result of the current circumstances in Iraq, as well as the continued delays in obtaining these necessary federal approvals to progress the license, the Company has provided notice of "Force Majeure" to the Provincial Government in accordance with the terms of the Asphalt License agreement (the "Asphalt License Agreement"), on behalf of the Asphalt License partners.

The Asphalt License Agreement Force Majeure clause requires both the Company and the Provincial Government to meet to discuss how to resolve the issues in question. The Company and the Provincial Government have agreed to do this once the security situation stabilizes. Timing of this is uncertain at this time.

In the meantime the Company is reviewing its strategic direction and alternatives.

The Company wishes the Provincial Government and people of Salah ad Din and Iraq a quick and peaceful resolution to the ongoing insurrection and violence.

About Sonoro

Sonoro is an international unconventional resource exploration and development company. Our current focus is a pure play on bitumen/asphalt resource exploration and development in Iraq. Sonoro continues the evaluation of resource opportunities in Iraq and under our Asphalt License Agreement in the Salah ad Din Province while we pursue final Federal approvals.

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