From Baller to Businessman: Former NLF Receiver, Mark Clayton, Partners with Aurisonics to Launch New Headphone Line

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From Baller to Businessman: Former NLF Receiver, Mark Clayton, Partners with Aurisonics to Launch New Headphone Line

Dallas, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2014 / Former NFL receiver, Mark Clayton, has partnered with leading audio technology company, Aurisonics, to launch a line of wireless headphones. Clayton and chief engineer Dale Lott developed, Livv Headphones an introduced it to the world on Kickstarter on Friday June 13th. The first-of-its-kind prototype is over-ear, light-weight, wireless, and water/ sweat resistant. The sleek design also features blue tooth technology and on-board audio storage, turning your device into a wireless mp3 player. Importantly, Livv touts a patent pending headband design that makes it the most unique on the market. Made with an amazing custom 3D wire bending machine, the 17-7 stainless steel LIVV band is hardened for a lifetime of superior performance. No adjustment necessary. One size fits all. “The band applies force ever so lightly to multiple points on the head, to ensure the utmost comfort, yet it stays on your head like nothing you have ever seen,” explained Andy Rowley, VP Operations, Aurisonics.

The creators boast the revolutionary product gives active lifestyles freedom and comfort, while enjoying superior quality audio. “We decided to change the way people use over-the-ear headphones, to think different, to be different. It is designed and built in a way that is true to our passion of Hear it, Live it,” says Dale Lott, founder Aurisonics Inc.

The 6 week Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised $16.2k, will run until late August, with a goal of $200,000. Backers can invest in a pair of Livv Headphones for as little as $179, while the highest support level also receives a dinner with the former baller and trip to Baltimore Ravens Stadium. To learn more and help them reach their goal, visit


For more information, please visit or contact Lisa Rajaram at [email protected] (202) 320 9155.

About Mark J. Clayton and Aurisonics, Inc.

Mark J. Clayton was drafted 22 overall to the Baltimore Ravens, where he played 5 seasons, and retired with St. Louis Rams after his 7th year. He transitioned to businessman shortly after retirement, when he conceptualized Livv Headphones and partnered with Aurisonics, Inc.

Aurisonics was founded in 2011 by veteran mastering engineer and audio specialist, Dale Lott, who was responsible for building key communication systems for the Armed Forces and NASA. Three years from inception, the company offers a host of specialty equipment that have revolutionized audio technology, and provide a complete solution for all audio requirements. All products are designed and manufactured with American parts in the heart of our music capital, Nashville, TN. For more information, visit