Carbonite Offer Codes Can Now Help Save Customers On Service Plans at

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Carbonite Offer Codes Can Now Help Save Customers On Service Plans at

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2014 / Known as a leading Cloud solution, Carbonite operates multiple data centers across the United States. The latest Carbonite offer from Best Backup Offer Codes enables customers to take advantage of up to 10% off on cloud backup services plans.

Carbonite, the leading name in Cloud Backup Service, continues to protect each customer's data safely and securely online. It recently released a number of Carbonite discounts and coupon codes to help customers of all sizes, save 10% on select three-year Carbonite plans or longer.

Big data and personal information needs a secure and accessible place to reside. Backing up data online is one of the most necessary steps to ensuring that they are kept secure at all times. While many businesses of all sizes tend to explore the options for backup programs, finding a reliable provider to offer this kind of service is deemed the most appropriate - provided that they find a company that has gained a reputation for reliability in the Cloud Backup industry, just as Carbonite.

"Everyday people rely on digital files and failing to backup those critical files can be devastating if you encounter any hard drive issues. While there are many backup programs and providers, but one of the best is Carbonite," said a company spokeswoman from

"Carbonite allows you to perform automatic remote backups that are safe regardless of what happens to your computer," she said. "…and works for both MAC and Windows environments."

According to, "Carbonite offers a reliable backup service for keeping all files, media and other data such as documents, photos, videos and music on the computer." Various copies of the files are made, securing them across the vast Carbonite data center network. Carbonite also utilizes the most secure encryption method currently available - the 448-bit Blowfish code - which is also used to protect bank and government information.

Featuring Carbonite's state-of-the-art cloud backup system, explains that the service can used on several computers, as offered in different packages based on the number of computers being used. Home users and business owners alike get unlimited disk space and online backups for storing everything on the computer - for a fixed price.

"We've seen Carbonite's customer support and it offers reliable customer service via email, online chat or phone to address any problems you might encounter," she added.

Small businesses will enjoy all these benefits by finding each applicable Carbonite offer code at When signing up for the Carbonite cloud backup three-year service plan, businesses can have the peace of mind that all their files and data will be 100% secure for 10% less. Smaller discounts are also available for smaller commitment periods. No-risk free trials are also available for qualifying customers in order to provide a full experience of what the platform offers.

To find out more about Carbonite's cloud backup service for securing important business files, programs and other data, please visit for information using the limited-time 10% discount code.

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