New Sitcom Asks Audience to Vote for Cast

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New Sitcom Asks Audience to Vote for Cast

Bound By Ad is a new sitcom where the audience gets to play casting director. 18 actors are vying for 6 roles. Who goes home, and whose dream comes true, is left entirely up to YOU.


Los Angeles, USA / ACCESSWIRE / June 27th, 2014 / BOUND BY AD, a new project launched by Victorious Entertainment on Indiegogo, may very well revolutionize the way networks approach “pilot season.” Three casts are currently competing to be THE cast that makes it onto the sitcom, and it’s up to the audience to decide whose dream comes true.

Nowadays, too many shows are failing due to poor casting and lackluster chemistry on-set. Some test poorly and are scrapped before ever seeing a TV screen. Others run for few episodes before getting canceled. Only a special few make the cut. Even fewer go on to be hits.

Bad gambles on pilots end up costing networks and sponsors millions of dollars, not to mention some actors their careers. That’s why Bound By Ad’s success could very well change the game.

Gaining direct input from the audience BEFORE investing time and effort into developing the show puts Bound By Ad at a huge advantage. They can test the market without having to actually produce a polished product, allowing them to then mold the show into something with an already established audience.

By registering on the Bound By Ad website, a person can vote for which cast makes it onto the sitcom. But that’s not all – for every dollar a person donates to the crowdfunding campaign, they receive an extra vote.
The diverse casts of Bound By Ad are comprised of young, up-and-coming talent. Just take a look:

Hillary Cruz (Sandsharks), Bart Voitila (The Pit and the Pendulum), Kelsey Sanders (The Genesis Code), Ericson Just, Ashley Taylor Brown (Celebrity Ghost Stories), and Erik MacRay.

Courtney Hope Turner (How I Met Your Mother), Kaiser Johnson, Whitney Rose Pynn (21 Days), Roscoe Brandon, Jessica Uberuaga (Star Trek: Renegades), and Alistair Tober (Days of Our Lives).

Elle Evans (Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Video), Brian Fortuna (Dancing with the Stars), Myverick Garcia, Lancaster Dupluchan, Hanna Strohl, and Cody Griffis (My Life as a Video Game).

Bound By Ad is attempting to become the first publicly financed and publicly casted sitom in the history of television. And if they succeed, perhaps “pilot season” will become a thing of the past.
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Name: Dan Moyer Jr
Organization: Bound By Ad
Phone: 6096510079
Address: 5640 Edgemar Ave