Exposing Hearing Aids Launches All New Education And Provider Access Portal

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Exposing Hearing Aids Launches All New Education And Provider Access Portal

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2014 / Exposing Hearing Aids is pleased to announce the launch of their new educational and provider information portal www.exposinghearingaids.org. With the launch of this new site, Exposing Hearing Aids connects patients nationwide with trustworthy providers while simultaneously educating them to the potential pitfalls of buying hearing aid devices online.

The mission of the Exposing Hearing Aids project is to help people make informed decisions by creating an informational portal that provides consumers quick and easy access to reputable clinicians and device information in one convenient location. Exposing Hearing Aids understands the truth about hearing aids and that they must be custom-programmed for each user to meet his or her needs. 

Exposing Hearing Aids wants patients and consumers to know the truth about hearing aids sold online and states, "Selling hearing aids online is a budding industry trend, but the business model only favors the broker, saddling the patient with unknown and unexpected costs long after the purchase.  They aren't customized to meet individual needs. An online hearing aid broker relies on advertising to prospect consumers searching for hearing aids. In some cases, patients don't receive a proper evaluation to determine the cause and severity of their hearing loss before making the purchase."

The Exposing Hearing Aids project at www.exposinghearingaids.org was launched with the patient and their family in mind. "We wanted patients and families to know that a responsible hearing provider should make you feel comfortable and confident that you're getting the best, most customized treatment for your hearing loss," said Mike Daniels. Exposing Hearing Aids states that the entire business model for online brokers is to wedge themselves in the middle of the patient and the healthcare provider, creating an untrustworthy relationship that will leave 95% of patients looking elsewhere to make adjustments, pay for repairs, or fund part replacements and cleanings.

At www.exposinghearingaids.org you will be connected with a trustworthy hearing care provider for free in your area that will provide a professional evaluation. Exposing Hearing Aids maintains a network of healthcare providers that have gone through a rigorous certification process and all information is kept private and confidential; being shared only with network providers.

About Exposing Hearing Aids

Exposing Hearing Aids project is operated by a three-generation family of hearing care providers with nearly 70 years of experience. Over the years, Exposing Hearing Aids has learned that all hearing care providers are NOT created equal. This project was created to educate consumers on what to look for when purchasing a hearing aid device. Exposing Hearing Aids gives consumers the truth and the necessary questions to ask before purchasing hearing aids.

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