Florida Launched Custom-Flavored Protein Bars Becomes Kickstarter Project

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Florida Launched Custom-Flavored Protein Bars Becomes Kickstarter Project

Boca Raton, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2014 / Strong Monkey, announces the launch of a new project with an exciting and revolutionary concept that is bound to bring about a paradigm shift to the health food and fitness industry.

The project seeks to raise funds to bring to market a newly developed custom-flavored protein bar that is all natural and organic.

"This is about helping people choose what they are in the mood for, get the nutritional value that they desire, and in this regard, this project is about delivering something that tastes good and benefits the body in multiple ways," said Gabriel Santiago, who is the founder and spearheading this project. He has 10 years' experience working in both hospitality and restaurant industries learning about food creation and presentation with a variety of chefs, cooks, and instructors.

"It is the first protein bar company of its kind. It's a fun, socially responsible, and healthy way to snack while making sure you are putting in the good stuff your body wants and needs," added Gabriel, who believes their custom-flavored protein bars deliver a unique twist to an every growing and expanding marketplace in the health and fitness industry. 

With its focus set on delivering a tasty snack that is jam packed with healthy nutrients, while promoting philanthropic and charitable activities and focusing on helping to sponsor local underprivileged athletes, the Strong Monkey aim is simply to help bettering the community and providing resources for living a healthy lifestyle at people's fingertips.

Strong Monkey, which is an ardent supporter of FeedingAmerica.org, targets an audience made up of fitness advocates to include persons who live a healthy lifestyle, personal trainers-coaches-club teams, etc.. However, as it relates to the project that now needs developmental funding, the spokesperson said they are looking for support from anyone who eats healthy or participates in eating protein bars. For every donation they receive throughout their campaign, Strong Monkey will donate a meal to FeedingAmerica.org. 

"We want people to come out and support a product that will fit and suit any wants or needs when they are out looking for a nutritional snack. And that it is not only a protein bar they are supporting, but a complete way of life, and a community bonded product," explained Gabriel, a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in marketing and hospitality management.

Adding that each of this nutritional bar helps people better themselves and those around them, Gabriel further noted that persons could have fun participating in the project by having their custom labels, use as marketing tools… a neat and fun way to get them engaging in and feel a part of what will become a part of history and give you an opportunity to display your own line of protein bars.

This means they will be a part of the first ever protein bar company of its kind. "It has fewer calories, sugars, and fats and more protein than our competitors. It will save them money, time, and offers a product that helps better the community. The time and money aspect because you do not have to go to a store, pay overhead fees, marketing fees, Strong Monkey, you just pay for the amazing product, and the savings are passed along to you," added Michael Gadaleta, Director of Brand Ambassadors and US Navy veteran.

"The handcrafted protein bars will be made the way persons want, and are ready when you want them, giving you control and making you a part of our family. Once we raised the funds needed to develop and bring this project to the market, we promise to deliver a protein bar that delivers a surreal feeling of you owning your own protein bar… that is what will be so cool," said Gabriel, who is also in pursuance of his MBA in Marketing at Florida Atlantic University.

For further information about the Strong Monkey and their custom-flavored protein bars please visit http://wearestrongmonkey.com/

About Strong Monkey

As a start-up sports nutrition company, Strong Monkey's mission is to be North America's leading provider of high quality protein bars by allowing people to customize their protein bar based on their own taste preferences and nutritional needs, so that they can get back to doing what they love.

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