Earthlight Saunas, Authorized Seller of Infrared Saunas, Proves Compliant with Safety and Quality Standards

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Earthlight Saunas, Authorized Seller of Infrared Saunas, Proves Compliant with Safety and Quality Standards

San Diego, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2014 / The company specializes in sweat bath equipment that have passed all quality tests and are offered with free shipping and warranties. 

When it comes to relieving stress and detoxifying, lounging in a sweat bath is considered one of the most effective ways to do so. Sweating is important to one's health, as one benefit of it is also a way to improve one's breathing. 

Earthlight Saunas is a company that sells the infrared sauna for the home. Unlike traditional sauna equipment, infrared saunas heat up the body directly and without raising the temperature of the air around it. The heat raises the body's core temperature which, in turn, increases your blood circulation which leads to sweating.

At, customers will find infrared saunas that, compared with other top brands, are superior in terms of quality, price and support services. Available in the Classic Series, Premier Series and Premium Cedar Series, all saunas are offered in highly favorable financing terms for anyone who seeks a healthy lifestyle conveniently and without having to pay all upfront.

Earthlight Sauna is all about keeping customers safe. All of their infrared saunas for sale are ETL & CE listed and VOC tested to ensure that customers get the highest quality sauna. The saunas go through some of the most rigorous testing to ensure quality and dependability, and have been proven free from all toxic materials such as harmful adhesives and vinyls that can cause cancer. Notably the Earthlight infrared saunas offer low EMF, which means they emit the least amount of radiation possible. 

Satisfied EarthLight Saunas customer Kahuna from Calgary, AB shared: "I love it! It took only an hour to assemble it myself; it was super easy to assemble with the complete set of parts. It is a very relaxing way to sweat without the hot air feeling in your lungs from a steam sauna. I use it every day and it is well worth the price." 

Customers will enjoy their Earthlight infrared saunas in no time with fast, free shipping offered on a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Each purchase is also covered by a Lifetime Warranty to ensure that it will do its job for the entire duration that the buyer intends to.

To learn more about the infrared saunas from Earth Light Saunas, please visit for more information.

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Earthlight Saunas is an authorized seller of quality infrared saunas. The company offers the sauna equipment at affordable rates, coupled with lifetime warranties, free shipping, a 90-day money back guarantee and amazing customer support

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