Dr. Michael Giuffre Takes Senior Role at Sci-Healthcare

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Dr. Michael Giuffre Takes Senior Role at Sci-Healthcare

Calgary, Alberta / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2014 / Calgary-based SCS Card Technology Inc. (SCS-Healthcare) has announced that R. Michael Giuffre MD, MBA has joined the company as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.

A pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Giuffre is immediate past president of the Alberta Medical Association, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Cardiac Sciences, and soon, a Director of the Canadian Medical Association.

"I am very excited about introducing SCS and its Personal Health Record disruptive technology, to firstly Alberta, and then across Canada" said Dr. Giuffre. To achieve efficiencies and increased safety in the delivery of health care, he stresses that "health professionals must move forward on this leading technology to seamlessly integrate the various electronic record systems - called EHRs and EMRs - that are currently in use in our hospitals, doctors' offices and pharmacies."

SCS' proprietary PHR microprocessor smart card technology allows patients to carry their own current and retrospective physician-quality medical files, ID and benefits information in a highly secure, wallet-size format - and to provide the information to healthcare providers and selectively to related agencies. Unlike internet/cloud-reliant systems, SCS card data is accessed directly from the card. The PHR cards also carry a complete Primary Medical File that can be immediately accessed by First Responders and triage staff or to instantly check-in at physician's or other healthcare provider's offices. The card's online/offline capabilities make it unique in the medical data field.

Providing health professionals with physician-quality medical information saves valuable time and prevents guesswork in emergencies; eliminates errors on intake questionnaires; provides digital prescriptions, lab and DI requisitions where mandated; online keys to diagnostic imaging; immediate benefits and copay information; all with secure, tri-level ID. The technology also markedly reduces administrative costs.

SCS President Michael Freedman commented that, "Dr. Giuffre's medical and business acumen combined with his enthusiasm for our dependable, secure PHR technology are substantial assets as the company begins to transform personalized medicine."

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About SCS Card Technology Inc. - SCS-Healthcare

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada SCS Card Technology Inc. is the leader in Personal Health Record (PHR) smart card technology, representing a significant evolution beyond current medical data systems. SCS cards contain a micro-processor chip with memory and processing capabilities to reliably store and generate medical information in a standardized, compact, convenient and highly secure format. The company's patent pending and provisionally patented technology offers a level of information security beyond that of many data storage and financial institutions.

A Personal Health Record card makes secure and portable exchange of health information possible, allowing patients to retain their health records at all times in a convenient, compact and highly secure format. SCS PHR cards provide complete medical information in situations where there is no power or internet.

About Dr. R. Michael Giuffre

Dr. Giuffre received his BSc in 1977 and his MD in 1984 at University of Calgary; FRCP in Pediatrics and FRCPC in Pediatric Cardiology at the Toronto Sick Children's Hospital (HSC) as chief fellow in 1989. His F.A.C.C. (Pediatric Cardiology Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (ACC)) occurred in 1991. In 2010 he was further appointed as a "Distinguished Fellow" of ACC. Dr. Giuffre has 40 published manuscripts and is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Cardiac Sciences at the University of Calgary.

He has had multiple executive positions within the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) including his 2012-2013 AMA president position leading the ratification of a 7 year $25 billion dollar agreement with the Province of Alberta.

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