CMGO's eSports Subsidiary, Good Gaming, Accelerates Original Timeline For New Unrivaled Web Platform

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CMGO's eSports Subsidiary, Good Gaming, Accelerates Original Timeline For New Unrivaled Web Platform

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2014 / CMG HOLDINGS, INC, Chairman, Glenn Laken proudly announced the positive progress of its subsidiary, GOOD GAMING's web platform and media/splash page. Mr Laken spoke of the company exceeding all original timelines, knowing gamers worldwide are anxiously awaiting it's arrival. "We're thrilled to announce the progress of the platform. We anticipate GOOD GAMING being a dominant player in the eSport sector. This acceleration should boost our financial and margin projections."

Good Gaming is in Iteration 4 of the design process for our web platform and updated media/splash page.  The overall UI (User Interface) look and feel has been locked in for PC and Mobile web browsing.  Good Gaming is anticipating a roll out of the updated media/splash page within the next two weeks, and initial Alpha testing of the web platform within the next four to five weeks.  

Due to time constraints and GG's aggressive innovation schedule we made the decision to choose another web developer. Caxy Interactive has been nothing but a relief for us. Their excitement and passion adds another level of energy we couldn't possibly recreate on our own. At every milestone, checkpoint, and team update Caxy Interactive has never failed to exceed our expectations. In most cases, Caxy Interactive has sparked new, exciting, and unique ways to provide value and quality for our membership. Caxy Interactive has also taken an active role in getting involved in eSports by playing the games, speaking the lingo, and reproducing our ideas into actual productive web design.  Their entire team has shown they share the same passion and excitement we do on a daily basis for our dream and it shows in their work and visuals they have provided us to date.

Good Gaming is on track for a limited Open Beta for the beginning of August, with most features of our web platform being functional or fully completed.  Based on feedback we garner during Open Beta, we anticipate going Live with the web platform in the beginning of September, well ahead of mid-October estimates we were operating with a year ago.

Good Gaming is taking all steps to insure that our web platform brings not only an unrivaled set of tools and utilities for up-and-coming eAthletes, but also an appealing style that will mold our membership in their quest of becoming better gamers.  Based on our experience, feedback from our current partners, and our growing family of contributors we know there is a tremendous need for the top notch service we will be providing.  Good Gaming is exceeding our original timeline and goals for supporting and sponsoring new eAthletes into professional ranks of eSports.

Based on current information and the continued acceleration of eSports Good Gaming believes that our financial projections and margin projections will be exceeded.  While this has been a thorough process, as veteran gamers we know excellence, mastery and esprit de corps are virtues that are earned and worth the time spent to perfect.

The Good Gaming team has worked tirelessly on this exciting project for three years, and is ecstatic with the accomplishments made since its inception into CMGO. The thought that we are in the final stages of this dream is both sobering and exciting. We could not be more thrilled, more confident, and more proud of where we are now and where we are headed. We are extremely confident that our members are going to be ecstatic by what we are bringing to life and cannot wait to introduce Good Gaming to all gamers worldwide.  As we get closer to going Live there will be additional updates regarding our upcoming events.

Jeff Devlin
CMG Holdings
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