LifeStraw Won’t Help Discover Gold, But Will Eliminate Contaminants from Water

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LifeStraw Won’t Help Discover Gold, But Will Eliminate Contaminants from Water

Tap water is not the place most people want to discover gold. The LifeStraw eliminates contaminants from water.


Nashville, Tenn., United States / ACCESSWIRE / June 20th, 2014 / Discovering gold is usually a good thing, but not when it’s found in one’s tap water. Recently in at least two households in Jefferson County, Montana, residents have discovered flakes of gold in their drinking water.

Local water officials said they believe that the flakes came from pipes or a pump tied to the local water supply. County residents have stated their concern that there may be additional harmful elements in their tap water.

In the event of a future disaster that negatively affects local water supplies, people may be desperate for a way to purify water from any number of contaminants. The LifeStraw personal water filter from Water4Patriots accomplishes just that. It’s the world’s most advanced water filter, removing 99.999 percent of waterborne bacteria and parasites, and providing the user with crystal-clear, life-giving water when no clean drinking water is available.

LifeStraw is Lightweight and Easy to Carry

This compact device, which can be carried anywhere, weighs only two ounces. It contains no chemicals and no moving parts, and requires no electricity or batteries.

In just one month after being made available to the public this spring, sales of the LifeStraw reached 13,259. Together, those LifeStraws have the potential of turning 3.5 million gallons of contaminated water into pure drinking water.

Pores within tubes inside the straw allow water to pass but prevent contaminants larger than 0.2 microns from flowing through. The LifeStraw filters up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine or other chemicals.

First introduced in 2005, the LifeStraw was field tested by approximately 4.5 million people and used around the world under extreme conditions for humanitarian relief. Now available in the U.S., it has met EPA standards for water infiltration and was a Time magazine invention of the year winner.

The LifeStraw can be purchased for $24.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling). Two LifeStraws sell for $39.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling), while four LifeStraws and a variety of bonuses are available for $79.95 with no shipping charge.

Allen Baler Talks “Peace of Mind”

“In addition to providing people with clean drinking water no matter where they are, the LifeStraw provides peace of mind,” said Allen Baler, Partner at Reboot Marketing LLC, which provides products that help people become more self-reliant and independent. “When a crisis occurs, families will have clean drinking water with the LifeStraw, even if all the water around them is contaminated. With the LifeStraw, people will be prepared no matter what happens.

“As has been seen recently with droughts in the Southwest and West, the chemical spill in West Virginia, and storms such as Hurricane Sandy, clean drinking water can be gone in the blink of an eye. But with the LifeStraw, people have a smart, long-term survival plan in place.”

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