E-Cigarettes: "Smokers are Leaving Thousands of Deadly Chemicals Behind."

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E-Cigarettes: "Smokers are Leaving Thousands of Deadly Chemicals Behind."

June 18, 2014 / While nearly a half-million American lives are claimed by cigarettes each year among the country's 40-million-plus smokers, E Cigarettes appear to be a logical alternative to tobacco. Smokers smoke for the nicotine, but they die from the smoke. Smokers who make the switch leave thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke behind, while still getting the nicotine they crave.

The adverse health effects of cigarette smoking has prompted many pharmaceutical companies to invent alternatives such as patches, gums, and medications. However, according to new data released by the American Anti - Smoking Committee, none of the prior methods mentioned are helping smokers to quit tobacco, as successfully as the E Cigarette. The rise in popularity of the E-Cig, has sparked a review into the safety and effectiveness of these products.

"What we found was amazing, we have never seen anything so seamlessly convert tobacco smokers away from harmful tobacco, as the E Cigarette has," said Dr. Kent Anderson of the American Anti - Smoking Committee.

Upon looking at the research provided, it becomes apparent that Electronic Cigarettes are the most effective anti-tobacco smoking aid available today. According to the data, someone is 20x more likely to quit smoking cigarettes with the aid of an E-Cig.

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Electronic Cigarettes In The News

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding "E - Cigsin the news lately, often regarding FDA regulation, but there are also some who are concerned with the health effects of nicotine infused vapor, which is produced by the E Cigarette.

"I don't get it... there have been numerous studies proving that nicotine vapor devices are very safe, providing a verified brand is used. If a quality tested product is used, you will not experience any negative health effects, and dramatically increase your chances of quitting cigarettes for good," says Dr. Anderson.

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Benefits of E Cigarettes over Tobacco

- Up-to 20x more likely to quit tobacco smoking.

- Maintain regular Heart rate and Blood pressure levels.

- Carbon monoxide levels in the blood remain normal.

- The heart attack rate for smokers is 70% higher than that of nonsmokers, Electronic Cigarettes Do Not increase the risk of a heart attack.

- Unlike traditional tobacco smoking, chances of heart attack, stroke, and lung cancer are nearly the same as someone who has never smoked in their life.

- Smoke them anywhere as they do not contain harmful chemicals.

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Current Electronic Cigarette Studies

- During an online study conducted in 2013, researchers polled visitors of websites and discussion forums dedicated to the use of the Electronic Cigarette and smoking cessation. Of the 3,587 participants, 70% were former smokers, 61% were men, and the median age was 41 years. On average, participants used the E Cigarette for approximately 3 months, drew 105 puffs/day, and used 2.5 cartridges/day. Almost all of the subjects used cartridges that contained nicotine. 96% percent said that the E cigarette helped them quit smoking, while 92% said that it made them smoke less. The majority of the participants said the E Cigarette helped them fight cravings, cope with withdrawal symptoms, and avoid relapsing to cigarettes.

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