EquitiesIQ Updates its Coverage of Advaxis

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EquitiesIQ Updates its Coverage of Advaxis

Get the Advaxis Update: http://equitiesiq.com/advaxis-update-2

NEW YORK, NY / June 18, 2014 / EquitiesIQ, a leading informational research provider, has provided an update to its coverage of Advaxis, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADXS). Advaxis is an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary Lm-LLO immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

Advaxis's Lm-LLO immunotherapies are based on a platform technology that uses live, attenuated bacteria to stimulate the immune system to selectively target cancer cells while reducing tumor defenses. Advaxis's lead immunotherapy, ADXS-HPV, is under investigation for the treatment of HPV-associated cancers. ADXS-HPV has demonstrated improved survival and objective tumor responses in a Phase 2 trial in 110 patients with recurrent cervical cancer.

On June 10th, Advaxis announced that its request for an End-of-Phase 2 meeting with the FDA had been granted. Advaxis will review clinical findings with the FDA in order to assess any additional information needed prior to moving ADXS-HPV forward in a pivotal Phase 3 program.

Advaxis's second immunotherapy candidate in clinical testing will be ADXS-PSA, which is being developed to address prostate cancer. Advaxis is planning to file an IND with the FDA and initiate a Phase 1 clinical study with ADXS-PSA in 2014.  Advaxis is also developing ADXS-cHER2, to target the HER2 receptor, which is overexpressed in certain solid-tumor cancers, including pediatric bone cancer (or osteosarcoma), breast cancer, and gastric cancer.  Advaxis is pursuing a clinical program in pediatric osteosarcoma.

Get the Advaxis Update: http://equitiesiq.com/advaxis-update-2

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