5 Types of Social Media Users Agencies Can Target With SocialCompass Software

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5 Types of Social Media Users Agencies Can Target With SocialCompass Software

HipLogiq outlines the five types of social media users that agencies can target with its SocialCompass Twitter marketing software.

Dallas, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2014 / SocialCompass, A Twitter marketing software developed by technology marketing firm HipLogiq is being touted as one of the year's best products for agencies that offer social media marketing services for businesses. The software is a prime solution for agencies that have in the past struggled to provide effective Twitter engagement for their clients and generate a significant number of quality leads. A 30-day trial is now being offered to agencies that would like to preview the benefits of using the white label platform for free.

Effective Twitter Prospect Targeting

In a recent blog article (5 Types of Social Media Users and How to Market to Them), HipLogiq identifies five types of social media users and the most effective ways to market to them. These include: the listener, the social butterfly, the activist, the teacher, and the passion-ista. Says Ben Read, HipLogiq's Director of Marketing, "You may think posting daily on various channels is enough to promote your service, but you're better off identifying the types of social media users who are pre-qualified."

SocialCompass enables agencies to engage with all types of social media users described in the article on Twitter on behalf of their business clients. It employs a three-step process of reaching, replying, and rewarding prospects that have expressed the intent to make a purchase related to a business' offerings. Read further notes, "These users are interested in topics related to your service, but are also more likely to promote your business, saving you time, energy, and money."

About SocialCompass

SocialCompass is unique to any other Twitter marketing tool on the market. It is equipped to single out active conversations on Twitter and generate quality leads for users through an intent-based marketing engagement technique. Agencies can sign up for the free trial to learn more about how it works, and see how it can enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

For more information about SocialCompass or to test drive the Twitter marketing software for free, agencies can register for an account today at SocialCompass.net.

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