LifeLock Review: Scam or Success?

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LifeLock Review: Scam or Success?

Is "LifeLock" a Scam? 

TEMPE, AZ / June 16, 2014 / This question of "Is LifeLock a Scam" has come up all across the web in response to what seems like an overnight success in the Identity Theft industry, and not without reason either given consideration the countless, illegitimate websites that continually pop up in spot number one in Google for a few weeks before disappearing into nonexistence, along with the personal, and or payment information of would be customers.

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Here at Finding It For Less our goal is to do all the investigation on any product or service before we stand behind it and give them our seal of approval. Which means we not only research every online review, video, how to, and wiki link on the matter, but when necessary we go the extra mile and purchase the product, or service ourselves to get a hands on feel from the customers perspective.

We will take you through our steps as we investigated "LifeLock" and their different service plans, as well as finding real people that have enjoyed the benefits of the "LifeLock" identity theft   system. What we mean by "real people" is that most reviews potential customers read are actually written without any actual knowledge of the product or service, but rather somebody paid $0.05 per word to crank out half believable content.

Step One of our research unveiled an intriguing bit of information regarding the CEO of "LifeLock" Todd Davis that we couldn't believe! It was this rumored fact that surprised our entire research team and sent us into a serious investigation. Todd Davis has proudly displayed all over the internet, to the entire world, what he claims is his actual social security number which allegedly is "457-55-5462" as seen in this photo sourced from

Todd Davis SSN

When our research team investigated this seemingly insane marketing campaign, we came across some disturbing information that at first made us question if indeed going with "LifeLock" is the right and or safe thing to do for our customers here Finding It For Less. Among several other sources we read, seemed to have the deepest insight into this matter and what was the embarrassing outcome of it.

It turns out that since airing his television commercial advertising to the internet and the world his very own, and very real social security number, he has had 13, that's right, thirteen successful cases of identity theft in where Davis CEO of "LifeLock" has had thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges in his name all across the world from cell phone contracts in his name racking up the minutes and data usage, to utility bills and even miscellaneous purchases at an online gift basket registry.

After this happened, Davis was faced with countless legal complications as customers and spectators began to question if "LifeLock" was and or still is a legitimate business, able to provide the very service they advertise to monthly subscribers. After having discovered this bit of information the research team at FIFL were about ready to throw in the towel, and give up hope for "LifeLock," but they knew there must be more to this story and were not ready to give up on it yet.

Step Two we dug deeper into this story asking the question, "how can an identity theft protection business have multiple attacks on the CEO of the entire company, and still remain a thriving enterprise years later?" In fact the last recorded case of identity theft that took place on CEO Todd Davis was in late 2008, with a customer base of 1.5 million service subscribers at that time, within a year "LifeLock" has added an additional 100,000+ members to their monthly service by 2009, and now that number has over doubled pushing beyond 3 million (3,000,000+) members to their monthly service! So what changed, why would people flock to this Identity Theft Protection service if it indeed was not a safe, legitimate, and effective means of protecting one's identity?

Davis stated after having aired his social security number, and having multiple successful attacks on his own personal identity, that the purpose of doing so, and even the very real theft that took place was "we were trying to make the point that … all it takes is one data breach. The point of that campaign was to take proactive steps to protect your identity." We discovered that it would appear even having his own identity stolen was a part of Davis' long term marketing plan, proving two incredibly simple, yet undeniable facts in identity theft protection, specifically pertaining to the services they provide at "LifeLock."

Fact 1: The necessity of utilizing an identity theft service like theirs is a nonnegotiable requirement of life in the first world, as only one data breach can completely compromise an individual's entire identity, be it something as large scale as rolling personal information around on the back of a truck like Todd Davis modeled for us years ago, or even something so simple and out of a customers control like the "Target" security security breach that happened in 2013 that not only affected one persons information or a select few, but as many as 110 million customers with personal information that could lead to identity theft had be compromised because of one little data breach. Fact number one clearly explains that no one can afford to not have some form of identity theft protection service on their side, constantly watching everything on our behalf, giving us peace of mind, as it would be virtually impossible for anyone to add this level of personal investigation on a regular and daily basis.

Fact 2: The truth that only time could testify to its validity, and that is since 2009, Davis has not had any other recorded occurrences of identity theft, giving him 5 solid years of effectively protecting his own identity even after having his own social security number broadcast on television and is still readily available online today after a simple search in Google. Ensuring that no matter what the circumstance or seriousness of the condition may be, "LifeLock" will be there to restore and protect it.

The research team Finding It For Less has weighed these truths, investigated even deeper on the matter, and have decided unanimously to stand behind "LifeLock" and give them our seal of approval and backing as one of the top identity theft protection services available today. A service that can not only protect against the average identity thief, and every attempt at finding one's information from those small pesky data breach's like the one we mentioned at "Target" to a grand scale leak like Davis' publicity stunt. So no matter what has happened, or has not yet happened, "LifeLock" is the way to go.

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