Cannabis Capital Corp. (CBCA) and WebCongress Getting In On Ground Floor of Google Inc. (GOOG)-Based Technologies

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Cannabis Capital Corp. (CBCA) and WebCongress Getting In On Ground Floor of Google Inc. (GOOG)-Based Technologies

Boca Raton, FL / June 16, 2014 / Investors looking for a considerably unique and progressive stock to add to their portfolio need look no further than Cannabis Capital Corp. (CBCA), a multi-faceted outfit specializing in business development and medical technology. CBCA's primary business ventures involve investment and development opportunities in the booming industry of legal marijuana and medical cannabis, both within the United States and worldwide.

But CBCA is taking off in other areas as well. One of its recent acquisitions, WebCongress, which was purchased at a value of over $25 million, happens to be an international leader in business tech conferences that has a firm finger on the pulse of several up-and-coming Google-oriented projects.

Trading at 14.95 per share with a whopping 1.87B market cap, CBCA may offer a potentially enormous upside at an under-the-radar value that is sure to keep investors whispering for the foreseeable future. On May 23rd, the company announced that WebCongress had been anointed an official host of the Google I/O Extended series, with the WebCongress leg of the event hosted and live-streamed in Miami, Florida on June 25th and 26th.

This marks the second straight year that WebCongress has been chosen for the event, and in 2013, the WebCongress location in Barcelona was one out of only four sites worldwide selected to receive interactions directly from Google I/O. Characterized by events that include coding and keynote speakers, Google I/O fits like a glove onto the interactive and diverse foundation of WebCongress.

The fledgling company has already met face to face with thousands of people each year, using educational workshops, expert panels, and insightful presentations from key speakers to foster networking and learning among industry professionals looking to up their technological game.

Piggybacking on its highly successful 2013 campaign which included high-profile appearances from presenters representing companies like Twitter, Blackberry, and Youtube, WebCongress already has a new 16-city "Americas" tour scheduled for 2014. Having already conquered portions of Europe last year, 2014 will include stops in Latin American cities, as well as some of the largest U.S. markets like Miami and New York. The hotly anticipated tour is well under way, having kicked off in San Francisco on May 8th with an attendance rate on pace to top 2013's successful run.

In addition to securing two days in the spotlight of Google I/O, the incisive executives at WebCongress have gotten in on the ground floor of Google Glasses, a new Google-based, cutting-edge technology that fit's a digital eyepiece to a pair of glasses, placing interactive apps at the hands-free disposal of anyone wearing the glasses. Several of the technologies offered on the glasses provide performance-enhancing tools to athletes actively participating in sports like golf or cycling. Google Glasses represent a near science-fictional leap into the future of interactive digital media.

Unsurprisingly, by way of its CEO, Founder, and resident tech guru, Ouali Benmeziane, WebCongress finds itself located at the forefront of the Google Glasses. Benmeziane has been selected as one of the first wave of Google Glass "Explorers," granting him development-level status as an interactive user of the technology. The title also allows him to select three more Explorers, an invitation he has chosen to bestow upon three lucky winners who enter into a contest on the WebCongress site.

Benmeziane's involvement with Google-based technologies and events such as I/O and Google Glass is testament to the cutting-edge nature of WebCongress and its embracement of the future of the tech industry. The fact that a biotech company like CBCA wholly owns a business-based tech venture like WebCongress speaks volumes about both companies' willingness to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving tech industry. With years of experience informing the decisions of CBCA's executives and a maverick like Benmeziane at the core of WebCongress, their partnership is not only built to last, but remains on the fast track to tech market success. Investors, break out your tablet and take notes.

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