Rodney Rice's Focus on Fitness in New Orleans Helps Fitness Expo Suceed

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Rodney Rice's Focus on Fitness in New Orleans Helps Fitness Expo Suceed

Metairie, Louisiana / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2014 / The owner and company president of Fitness Expo Stores, Rodney Rice, knows how to build a successful business. According to Rice, "You have to keep your focus to be successful. Stay in one area and zoom in to success and keep perfecting it." Fitness Expo Stores track record over 34 years proves the wisdom of its owner's strategy. Although the company has grown into a multi-store enterprise, it remains focused on providing the highest quality brands of exercise equipment for home or commercial use. This emphasis on quality products is enhanced by Fitness Expo's wide variety of brands and price levels.

Fitness Expo Stores' laser-like focus on providing great exercise equipment began with the Rice family's simple desire to make a home gym. As a teenager, Rodney Rice was passionate about physical fitness. His father, Rodney, Sr., wanted to encourage his son's good habit by building a gym in their home. To their surprise, the two found it difficult to find a quality source for the equipment they wanted. When they finally had to settle for a supplier in California, the father and son team decided to start an exercise equipment business in their home state.

Now operating stores in two states, Rodney Rice leads his company with the same passion for fitness that got the family business started. Thanks to Fitness Expo, residents in the Southeastern United States do not need to look far for excellent exercise equipment. Treadmills, bikes, rowers, home gyms, free weights, and many other items are available in Fitness Expos six high profile locations. The company provides customers with knowledge, service, advice, installation, and equipment maintenance. While still focusing on family fitness at home, Fitness Expo is also equipped to design and install gyms in large commercial facilities.

Fitness Expo's ability to stay focused is the result of the Rice family's good business planning. The company is debt free, owning all its buildings and delivery trucks. Rice insists on paying for all store inventories upfront. Avoiding debt keeps overhead low, protects the company, and allows Fitness Expo to provide great prices for customers. Rice says, "I have seen so many unprofitable, poorly run businesses in my span that my goals remain the same. Don't do what those companies have done and stick with what I know works." Rodney Rice has proven he knows what works by bringing his family business into its fourth decade of success and helping other families get fit.

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