Ramboll Inaugurates Global Engineering Center at Gurgaon

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Ramboll Inaugurates Global Engineering Center at Gurgaon

A unique center in India by any engineering, design and consulting major to address Indian and global infrastructure needs

Gurgaon, India / myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / Jun 12, 2014 / Ramboll, a Denmark based, global major in engineering, design and consulting, today inaugurated its Global Engineering Center at Gurgaon. The decision to start the Global Engineering Center comes amidst the demand and focus of providing global expertise using local resources from India.

Ramboll's globally benchmarked standards of design and quality will also boast of a strong focus on sustainability, simplifying the complicated projects for easy execution which help in on-time execution of the projects and will generate local employment of highly skilled professionals who have a proven track record in this domain to work not only on the international projects but also on Indian projects from the Global Engineering Center in Gurgaon.

This inauguration comes at a time when the sworn in new Govt of India is focusing an ambitious infrastructure revival plan to develop excellent world class infrastructure in India coincided with Ramboll's long term commitment in India. As part of the operations GEC would bring in the international expertise, technical collaboration and knowledge to provide sustainable solutions in Buildings, Transport, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Energy and Environment sectors and would be a strong support and play an important role in the infrastructure design in India. 

Mr. Knut Akselvoll, Group Executive Director, Country Units, Ramboll "We are proud of this facility with its capabilities to meet the growing infrastructure challenges of 21st century. Our initiative to start this center is our strong commitment to provide sustainable solutions to the world  and India and our plans for continued growth in this dynamic market. We already have a strong engineering and technical expertise across 21 countries and 200 offices worldwide backed up by our strong Nordic values. This makes Gurgaon a perfect and logical location to take part and play our role in the growth of new India. This center will also help us gain better proximity to our customers across India."

"The Global Engineering Center at Gurgaon will facilitate cooperation between our country business units in Europe, Middle East and colleagues in India in order to win more projects all over the world in the Buildings, Transport, Oil & Gas, Energy, Environment and Management Consulting sectors.

Passion for engineering and contribution to the society guided the founders when they established this company in 1945 in business approach for Ramboll. Market demands constantly influence us to introduce best technology to our customers; therefore, innovation focus would be a continuous process at our GEC. Our subsequent vision for this center is to deliver fully integrated solutions to meet the demand and be part of building the New India through this - unique Global Center in India", said Dr. Pawan Maini, MD, Ramboll, India.

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SOURCE: Ramboll