First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Secures Contract for Bitcoin ATM Placement at a Luxor Hotel and Casino location in Las Vegas, Nevada

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First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Secures Contract for Bitcoin ATM Placement at a Luxor Hotel and Casino location in Las Vegas, Nevada

VANCOUVER, B.C. / ACCESSWIRE / June, 12, 2014 / BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (OTCMarkets: BITCF) is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract to place its first Bitcoin automatic teller machine (ATM) at a Luxor Resort and Casino location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Bitcoin ATM, manufactured by Interwallet, LLC, will be located in one of the high-trafficked retail establishments within the hotel, the second largest in Las Vegas, and the eighth largest in the world. The ATM will be maintained and serviced by a Nevada based distributor for Interwallet, LLC.

InterWallet, LLC manufactures cutting edge ATM-like kiosks capable of providing a multitude of services to mainstream America including access to 10,000 billers (bill pay), phone cards, pre paid debit cards, movie and show tickets as well as the capability to offer a multitude of services to the under banked and un-banked customers, and also, the kiosk has the ability to sell and purchase Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Consumers will also be able to purchase products online by using a wide array of payment options such as cash, debit cards and Bitcoin to pay for every day goods and services.

BITCoin ATM Franchise Corp. plans to offer customized ATM services based on the needs of visitors who frequent the hotel and Las Vegas. Company will also receive a percentage of each ATM surcharge (commission fee) on every transaction.

"This is an important milestone in the company’s overall strategy to enter into the Bitcoin ATM market, this market did not exist two years ago, but is predicted to grow tenfold in just few years", the company said. "We believe the BITCoin ATM Franchise concept will be very successful."

BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation is the first Bitcoin company in the world to offer a unique turn-key franchise investment opportunity for business owners to earn additional income by getting involved in the lucrative Bitcoin industry with minimal capital investment. The Bitcoin ATM business franchise package will include: a complete service contract; site selection and lease negotiations; and cash rental and replenishment options. Franchisees will be able to enter this growing market under the guidance of a reputable company that will develop a strategy to establish an exclusive location based on population density, traffic patterns, market statistics, demographics and other key factors.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that allows consumers to electronically exchange Bitcoin, or units of value, for a service or product anywhere in the world with no or minimal fees. Users can then exchange Bitcoins for other currencies by using a wallet service provider.

The digital currency isn’t backed by any government entity, instead transactions are tracked and verified by a transparent online community. Bitcoins are subject to value fluctuations, which are based on what people are willing to pay for it at any given time.

About the company:

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is a developing Canadian-based mining company currently holding concessions of Gold in Venezuela and is preparing to enter the crypto-currency industry. It is the first vertically-integrated consolidation company of the Bitcoin and crypto-currency marketplace. For more information please visit

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