Straight Reviews Selects Kollagen Intensiv as Editor's Choice to Help Reverse Skin Damage and Reduce Wrinkles

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Straight Reviews Selects Kollagen Intensiv as Editor's Choice to Help Reverse Skin Damage and Reduce Wrinkles

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2014 / Straight Reviews features Kollagen Intensiv, as a top choice as an anti-aging skin care product. Kollagen Intensiv contains ingredients to help accelerating the skin's natural collagen production.

Having smooth, soft and young-looking skin is every woman's dream. However, there are so many factors that are keeping this dream from becoming a reality. Women, and even men, are subjected daily to the harmful elements of pollution, bad habits and stress that take a toll on their skin. Age also plays a significant role in the appearance of the skin. It is a generally accepted fact that upon reaching a certain age, the face and skin start to show the dreaded signs - wrinkles and uneven skin tone often become very evident.

In the past, women could not help but look their age, or even look older than they are. Thanks to modern science, anti-aging products now exist to undo the damage that aging and other elements have caused.

"A youthful appearance is made possible by retaining higher moisture level in body cells," said "Kollagen Intensiv has everything that one needs, with its anti-aging [properties] and moisturizers that can help increase the skin's cell renewing action and production of collagen."

Kollagen Intensiv, a popular anti-aging cream brand, is a product that works, according to The website, dedicated to keep consumers informed to make the right choices, has found Kollagen Intensiv effective in moisturizing the skin, toning down wrinkles and deep lines and restoring damaged skin due to harmful rays of the sun.

Developed in Switzerland, Kollagen Intensiv has the active ingredient SYN-COLL, which synchronizes the body's natural action of producing collagen. It contains the highest grade of collagen, vitamins specially used for healthy skin, peptides, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, essential oils, enzymes and trace minerals.

"Our editors have selected Kollagen Intensiv as an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, safe solution to better looking, healthier skin," said the team at Straight Reviews.

Being cheaper than most pills, other creams, patches and IV injections, Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging cream is considered by users as the better solution with faster and safer results. The product has earned the trust of many users who have provided stellar feedback and reviews.

Unlike most creams that require separate products for use day and night, Kollagen Intensiv can be used at any time, and also doubles as an eye cream for its relaxing effects. Customers are also 100% protected by a 90-day warranty. They may return the product it and get a refund for the amount paid. For a limited time you can also get a Free Trial at the link below. 

To find out more about Kollagen Intensiv, please visit for information on how to the anti-aging product.


SOURCE: Kollagen Intensiv