There's an Outlaw in Every One of Us

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There's an Outlaw in Every One of Us

Dallas, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2014 / 25 years ago to this day, an anonymous man was fed up. Sick of the bloodshed, lies, tyranny, he did something that would be recorded and remembered forever. A lone man stopped a line of tanks. For, but a moment, he had conquered the mighty Communist Regime.


A new artist, Rider With No Name, is also fed up. He believes this age of tyranny must come to an end. It's time to stand tall, like the Tank Man, and shatter all walls of oppression.

His journey starts now, on this historic day… an anonymous artist inspired by an anonymous hero. Here's a glimpse of his debut song, Freed Man's Creed. He's put together a teaser of what's to come on Independence Day, when he launches his crowd-funding campaign. Witness history-in-the-making here: http://Join.RiderWith.No

The time is now. Join him. The fight for mankind is on.

About the Artist, Rider With No Name:

He is one rider journeying through the annals of time… join him now to write the songbooks of history together.

Media Contact:

Rider With No Name

[email protected]

SOURCE: Rider With No Name