Important Updates, Research: Liquidmetal Technologies Inc, Green Automotive Company, Cannabis Science, Growblox Sciences

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Important Updates, Research: Liquidmetal Technologies Inc, Green Automotive Company, Cannabis Science, Growblox Sciences

NEW YORK / ACCESSWIRE / June 03, 2014 / Market Buzz Report, which provides up to date coverage, commentary and alerts on OTC and NASDAQ Stocks, issues critical stocks analysis for Liquidmetal Technologies Inc, Green Automotive Company, Cannabis Science, Growblox Sciences.

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (OTCBB:LQMT)’s shares declined 8.26% to $0.22. The company on May 28 announced that it had recently participated in a development project with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to demonstrate the properties of amorphous alloys in mechanical devices that transfer or transform force, motion, or energy to another point through elastic deformation. Compliant mechanisms are advantageous since they provide benefit by reducing part count, simplifying manufacturing and reducing assembly time and cost.

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Additionally, the company on May 20 announced that it has signed an amended sublicense agreement with Visser Precision Cast LLC (VPC) that Liquidmetal believes will accelerate the adoption of amorphous metal technology to the benefit of both companies. Under the new agreement, Liquidmetal is freed from its commitment to use VPC as its exclusive contract manufacturer, and VPC is freed from its commitment to use Liquidmetal as its exclusive sales and R&D channel. In addition, the companies have agreed to dismiss their private arbitration and have settled and released all claims and disputes between them.

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIS)’s shares soared 36.96% to $0.13. The company on June 2 announced that the first set of data from the preclinical development of proprietary cannabinoid-based product is expected this week. The product development for neurological disorders is one of the many applications the Company is developing under the patent filed last year. In response to the numerous communications that the Company receives from the general public about medical cannabis research and treatment for critical ailments, Cannabis Science intends to establish an informational hotline in the near future to respond in real time to questions and to provide educational information about cannabinoid-based products.

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Green Automotive Company (OTCMKTS:GACR)’s shares bounced back quite smartly and added 21.43% to $0.02. One should note that stock’s current trading levels present quite a significant upside if it should retest its .04-.08 levels that it has been trading at over the past few months.

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UK's Liberty Electric Cars, a subsidiary of Green Automotive Company and the same group that brought us the E-Range, has built a fully functional prototype of the odd-looking electric delivery van you see above, succinctly called Deliver. The EV looks futuristic – much more like a concept car than something you'd expect to see the milkman driving – but it has practical elements built in.

Deliver weighs in at 4,850 pounds and offers a 1,543-pound payload. According to Liberty, its capacity is 18 percent greater than current delivery vehicles with similar wheelbases. Deliver is designed to make life easy for the delivery driver and is ergonomically crafted for a decreased workload thanks to a flexible interior, the lack of a curbside B-pillar, and an obstacle-free "walk-in door." It also appears to have some pretty spectacular forward visibility and a sporty set of wheels.

The fully electric powertrain makes use of a battery pack containing 80 prismatic Li-NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) cells. It features in-wheel electric motors, but Liberty didn't specify in which wheels those motors can be found, or the total output. Also, there's no word as to how quickly the battery can charge. We are told, though, that Deliver has a minimum range of 62 miles and a top speed of 62 miles per hour. When you compare that to the Nissan e-NV200 with its 100-plus-mile range and ability to quick charge to 80 percent in 30 minutes, the Deliver will need to, well, deliver on those promises of capacity and ease-of-use (or price) to be competitive.

Growblox Sciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GBLX)’s shares dropped 9.84% and closed at $2.29 in the last trading session.

 The company on June 2 announced that the company has raised $5 million through a private placement of its common stock.  Shares were sold to accredited and institutional investors, and proceeds will be used to support GrowBLOX Sciences' continued growth, as well as for general corporate purposes.

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Additionally, the company on May 30 announced that the first of its patent pending proprietary agricultural indoor growing system for medical-grade cannabis has come off the production line. GrowBLOX Sciences has developed proprietary growing technology for environmentally controlled, indoor agricultural chambers. This is the first of the newest generation of GrowBLOX's that are expected to arrive at The Company's headquarters in Nevada by mid-June. The Company anticipates beginning quality control on both mechanics and its proprietary monitoring and report-building software before starting the full production line. The quality control test will be run by Chief Scientist and Botanist, Ulrich Reimann-Philipp, Ph.D. is an investment community that focuses on MicroCap Securities. is an authorative authentic Google News Site and Leading Provider of Investment Awareness and Featured Company Profiles. does not have any position in any of the mentioned companies and has NO such intention to purchase any shares long or short in the open market over the next 72 hours. If you would like more information regarding our news coverage solutions, please visit for more details. Get an edge on the market with our Premium News Alerts that are FREE for a limited time at Follow us on Facebook: up for our FREE SMS News alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone by texting the word PREPROMO to 27126 (SMS alerts are free, however data rates may apply, check your wireless plan for details.).

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