New eCommerce Platform Matches Buyer Requests and Sellers for Easy Discounts

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New eCommerce Platform Matches Buyer Requests and Sellers for Easy Discounts

Falls Church, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2014 / New eCommerce Platform Matches Buyer Requests and Sellers for Easy Discounts further simplifies the process of connecting online merchants with potential buyers with the newly integrated search functionality. was developed to help consumers and merchants find the ultimate convenience, with over 5 million people served daily. Driving innovation in the process of selling and buying just about any product online, the website is now stretching the limits of innovation in online transactions. has integrated the new eCommerce platform search feature, which helps speed up the process of pairing together buyers and sellers based on product requests. The website also helps consumers find the best products online while enabling online vendors to potentially close sales with customers across a wide range of markets.

The process starts with buyers and merchants simply creating a free account in The buyer then proceeds to create a request or "runket" for a product or service they wish to buy along with the price they wish to pay for the item.

Subsequently, merchants who have been registered on the website can create listings for products and services they have to offer. To create merchant listings, a .CSV file of the eCommerce site may be uploaded directly to eBay listings may also be directly linked to the merchant's account. With all such information completed, the website matches the buyers' requests with sellers who have the items to offer. The eCommerce platform system then alerts the vendor for a potential sale.

"By allowing to facilitate your online transaction, you can easy to receive what you want, negotiate prices and sell efficiently in a simple platform that is free to use," said George Railean, founder and CEO of, detailing how it works to benefit consumers and vendors alike.

The service allows both buyers and sellers 25 listings or requests per month, free of charge. Thereafter, users will be billed a nominal fee of just $0.10 per additional listing or request. 

To find out more about the new eCommerce platform, please visit for information.

About is dedicated to helping buyers and sellers online find each other for a potential sale. Used by over 5 million people every day, the eCommerce platform enables customers to detail what they need, while also allowing merchants to create listings for their products and services - all for free. 

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