Steven Griffith Uncovers Source To High Performance of Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs

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Steven Griffith Uncovers Source To High Performance of Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs

High Performance Coach, Steven Griffith, was featured on Influencers Radio explaining how he helps Celebrities, Athletes, CEOs and Entrepreneurs overcome performance pressure and the feeling that there isn’t enough time to get things done

ACCESSWIRE / May 28th, 2014 / Steven Griffith, High Performance Coach to top CEOs, Executives, Celebrities, Professional and Olympic athletes was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing, what he feels is the most important part of coaching, which is improving the mindset.

During the interview Griffith explains, “Entrepreneurs and Executives, they feel like they’re running out of time. The reality is that it’s just the ability and beliefs behind their performance, and their ability to focus and stay balanced that makes a difference and creates the feeling of a lack of enough time in the day.”

According to Griffith, internal belief systems dictate how people earn what they do in the world and how they self-regulate. “It all comes down to really prioritizing what’s super important for you in that day and putting the most amount of your energy on the important tasks.”

Griffith reveals some simple but powerful tips during the show as well, stating “I tell my clients, work in 75 minute segments and then take a 10 minute break. That’s the highest efficiency in the brain. And then you recharge in that 10 minutes.”

Quickly uncovering a client’s purpose, focus and balance is the core of Griffith’s strengths. He believes in helping clients get focused on knowing what their purpose is, defining their ultimate goals, eliminating limiting beliefs and getting rid of distractions. He also educates his clients on how to be more present so they can start responding to the things that are happening in the world, instead of unconsciously, emotionally reacting. “I use this word grit,” he explains, “grit is being able to have a sustained effort in the face of resistance.” Griffith believes that grit can be the difference between success and failure.

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