HipLogiq Secures a Fourth Design Patent

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HipLogiq Secures a Fourth Design Patent

Social Media Marketer Finds Businesses New Customers on Twitter

Dallas, TX / myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2014 / Social media marketer  HipLogiq  received its fourth patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Currently, HipLogiq has 12 foreign and domestic patents pending and two published patent applications.

HipLogiq received its first two patents on April 2, 2013, and the third the following week. The three cover mapping -- the way marketers track influential consumers over social media through keywords and location -- and show how HipLogiq's applications SocialCompass and SocialCentiv search millions of tweets in real time for clients' keywords, signaling the intent of a consumer to purchase a good or service.

"Our unique value is in the microtargeted approach we employ to help our clients find the best customers that will most likely buy their product or service," says CTO Adam Root, co-founder of HipLogiq. "Our patents -- which cover automation, user interface design and machine learning -- verify we have unique software that offers clients the most sophisticated way to listen for new customers, respond directly in real time, exponentially expand their reach through an automated process, and track their results."

HipLogiq's new patent broadly covers a display screen including a "sea of faces" -- a visual array of pictures of designated leads. The patented display quickly and clearly identifies a marketer's audience, provides a quick measure of the overall success of a marketing campaign, and shows the savvy marketer how to intelligently modify his or her efforts to generate even more leads. It also facilitates real world connections -- that is, online connections transferrable to offline transactions. This is ideal for the many businesses built on personal relationships, and it provides a simple interface the marketer can use to get progress information.

"Patent exclusivity allows HipLogiq to be the sole source for the best display of leads," says HipLogiq's patent attorney Roger Maxwell.  In this case, the office studied more than 22 other patents carefully before granting the patent, which makes it very strong. "HipLogiq aims for Smart Proprietary Marketing, and this new patent confirms we're hitting the target."

About HipLogiq
HipLogiq began in October 2012 as SocialCompass, an enterprise solution for social media marketing, now with a white label solution for companies and agencies that want to brand the tool, and a new Spanish language version. Co-founders Lindsey Madison, Adam Root and Bernard Perrine designed the patented technology to help companies target and engage customers over social media in a meaningful, results-driven way. To date, the applications boast an unprecedented conversion rate of 34 percent or higher.

SocialCentiv -- launched in March 2013 -- works similarly for small to medium businesses, but with a web-based, do-it-yourself solution. During the design of SocialCentiv, leadership decided it was time to evolve the company into an idea factory that produces the most innovative, successful applications in their market space. As a result, HipLogiq also launched in March 2013 and has received $12M in two rounds of funding since May. For more information, go to www.hiplogiq.com or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

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SOURCE: HipLogiq