Rare Investment Debuts Millions of Dollars Worth of Diamonds at the Canadian Investor Conference

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Rare Investment Debuts Millions of Dollars Worth of Diamonds at the Canadian Investor Conference

- A 40 Carat Golden, Flawless Chameleon, and Rare Pink Diamonds Brighten the Event -

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2014 / With an extensive collection of the world's most beautiful and investment grade natural fancy coloured and white diamonds, Rare Investment will showcase some of its valuable gems at this year's Cambridge House International Canadian Investor Conference in Vancouver, BC on June 1st and 2nd.

One of the most spectacular on display will be the 40 carat Heart of Gold diamond, which is valued at over $2.8 million CAD. It is a golden hue, cut in a heart shape, and of exceptional quality. Event attendees will be mesmerized by an extremely rare 2.21-carat Chameleon diamond that is the only available flawless stone of its kind and worth $63,720 CAD. This unusual diamond is a collector's item and an elusive phenomenon that changes from olive green to pumpkin orange depending on different light and heat temperatures. Rare Investment will also be highlighting some of its rare pink Argyle diamonds, one of which is a one carat, cushion cut, and valued at $828,000 CAD.

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Figure 1 40-carat Heart of Gold diamond

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Figure 2 2.21-carat Chameleon diamond

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Figure 3 Rare pink Argyle diamonds

"We look forward to unveiling the most stunning and unique diamonds from our internationally renowned collection at this year's event," says Colin Ferguson, CEO of Rare Investment. "Natural fancy coloured diamonds are the most concentrated and portable form of wealth on the planet and are becoming the fastest growing hard asset investment."

The Future is Bright

Outperforming all other major assets globally, even during times of economic uncertainty, coloured diamonds offer the biggest opportunity for appreciation in comparison to other types of investments.

Never in modern history has there been such a demand for these rare gems. Driven by a dramatic increase in acquisitions from China and India, and coupled with depleted supply, the potential returns for investors have never been greater.

Corporate Guest Speaker - Colin Ferguson, CEO, Rare Investment on Monday, June 2 at 11:50am

With over three decades of experience in the diamond industry, Colin Ferguson is an internationally established rare gem broker and a successful entrepreneur with unprecedented expertise in investment grade natural fancy coloured diamonds. He founded Rare Investment in 1989 and predicted early on that these rare stones would experience a dramatic rise in value and offer the biggest opportunity for appreciation in any investment portfolio. As a guest speaker at the Canadian Investor Conference, Ferguson will discuss which of these coloured stones now has the most potential for appreciation, the depleted supply and increased demand out of China and India, and how these rare gems are more than ever, a viable hard asset investment.

If you are attending the Canadian Investor Conference, visit Rare Investment at booth 224/226 on both June 1 and 2. For free registration to the Canadian Investor Conference, visit our Registration Page. By registering your attendance online now, you will save a $20.00 entrance fee charged at the door.

About Rare Investment: An internationally respected diamond house with 25 years in the industry, Rare Investment is headquartered at the World Trade Centre in Vancouver, BC and provides direct access to the world's most beautiful natural fancy coloured and white diamonds. Chosen exclusively by the company's diamond experts, these stones are GIA certified and possess the greatest potential for financial appreciation. An industry leader with global reach, Rare Investment offers investors the finest collection of conflict-free diamonds found in the market today with the most desirable acquisition values and prices that defy comparison.

For more information, please visit rareinvestment.com

Photo and Interview Opportunities: To arrange an interview with Rare Investment CEO, Colin Ferguson or to capture photos of the diamonds that will be featured at the event, please contact:

Nancy Dery
Sloane Street Communications
[email protected]

About the Conference: The Canadian Investor Conference will be Canada's leading diversified investment event, held in Vancouver, Canada. Various industries will come together for this 2-day event to cover Technology, Real Estate, Mineral Exploration, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Life Sciences and Energy Metals. Top industry analysts, newsletter writers, c-suite executives, hedge fund managers, trends forecasters and finance celebrities will cover speculative and direct investments and strategies, economic outlook and macro trends. The tradeshow floor will host over 100 company booths, 3 speaker halls and an expected attendance of thousands of nationals and international investors.

For more information please visit CambridgeHouse.com

For information about the Canadian Investor Conference, please contact:

Karen Renaud

Cambridge House International Inc.
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