Mina Mar Group Andrea Zecevic, Miro Zecevic Featured in Leading China Business Newspaper and On Line Business Portals

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Mina Mar Group Andrea Zecevic, Miro Zecevic Featured in Leading China Business Newspaper and On Line Business Portals

The Importance Of Associating Oneself With a Great Investor Awareness Company and How To Overcome Short Sellers

Beijing China / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2014 / MinaMar Group http://www.minamargroup.com/ http://www.andreazecevic.com/ and http://www.mirozecevic.com/ The IR firm is pleased toannounce the publication of its principals in China of the firms overview of IR firms and "THE IMPORTANCE OF ASSOCIATING ONESELF WITH A GREAT INVESTOR AWARENESS COMPANY AND HOW TO OVERCOME SHORT SELLERS". China Enterprise news published the article in Mandarin language dialect in China. See link. http://m.hexun.com/stock/2014-03-08/162836907.html.

The article ran and was picked up by all major financial websites in China, such as www.baidu.com, www.sina.com,www.ifeng.com,www.hexun.com, www.jrj.com,www. hotbuy.com and many others. Mina Mar Group has been assisting China based issuers since 2006. This article stirred much interest from many China based companies that trade and are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ or OTC MARKETS (QB and QX).

Andrea Zecevic stated that "in order to achieve great results in investor awareness (IA) one needs to be able to build relationships that are not fly by night, but long term relationships with clients, suppliers, investors, business partners, thus enforcing the business and enhancing its value. The way to do this is to align oneself with an efficient team and this includes a great investor relations firm that excels in conveying and communicating the right message in a timely manner."

Andrea goes on to say that "In order for campaigns to be effective IA companies need to develop a plan of action that strategizes on the best venues to deploy the news and enforce or elaborate on news that perhaps was too vague leaving room for misunderstandings.  Believe it or not, not all of us are on the internet some still choose to read the paper or to receive regular mail, for those we still need to cater the old fashion way, and so a mix of venues in the campaign is advisable."

Clear communication is yet another step  we need to take and this needs to generate interest by writing various featured articles, filings, providing technical stock charts, providing the latest in terms of industry reports,  various value propositions, and even a CEO interview for those who not only prefer meet the CEO, but to listen rather then read.

The content we present needs to be on time, on press, detailing milestones, achievements, direction, and progress. Andrea Zecevic feels that placing content one month and letting months go by without content is no way to treat investors as they will begin to feel that nothing is happening as nothing is being reported, Henceforth the importance of keeping investors and stakeholders informed is a mission critical task.  Ensuring your IA firm has writers that will take the time to review and understand your business model and where you are headed prior to deploying any type of news.

There are countless ways to distribute your content to new and existing investors such as email distribution, mailers, reports, press releases, webcasts, and conferences just to name a few. Branding is just as critical so when you present potential investors with materials ensure that you present a cohesive brand across all of your presentation materials this includes items such as: business cards, letterheads, websites, media kit, social media sites, and any other investor materials. Everything needs to be in sync.

Miro Zecevic further added that "Your IA should also keep up to date with the latest marketing venues, with corporate news and announcements, find out who is engaging in your messages. Are your messages being heard clearly or are they being distorted? Know how to react in the event these listeners do not have the best interest of the company and resort to distorting information for their own purposes. Your information in this case needs to be refined in such a way that it protects the integrity and reputation of the company if you feel that the response has been unfair and unethical. Strategizing is the key in this case as many try to mix fact with fiction when they are out to destroy something of value."

Knowing who to target is yet another crucial step in the process of IA the audiences can range for instance from financial journalist, institutional investors, brokers, financial planners, buyers, active traders, and new investors looking to invest in new industry sectors. Miro Zecevic believes that utilizing these steps or methods will allow you to best convey the message to investors to establish long term investors and gain the respect you deserve as a CEO leading a corporation through various business successes and obstacles that investors know you go through they simply just need to know that you are still leading or attempting to lead by example for the success of all stakeholders involved.

Keep in mind, that our investor awareness team after all is a strategic management team who is responsible and able to integrate finance, communication, marketing, and security law compliance all in one, so you can focus on what you do best run your business.

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