Martial Arts Entrepreneur Jeffrey Kim Kicks His Way onto Three Amazon Top Ten Lists

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Martial Arts Entrepreneur Jeffrey Kim Kicks His Way onto Three Amazon Top Ten Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Jeffrey Kim, best-selling author featured in the new book, ‘Big Ideas for Small Businesses’. The book recently held places on three Amazon Best Seller lists and is currently available online

Houston, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 22nd, 2014 / Authority Media Group, LLC reported yesterday that featured author Jeffrey Kim’s most recent book, “Big Ideas for Small Businesses” reached ‘best-selling’ status on three different Amazon Best Seller lists. The book rose this week to the #3 spot in the Kindle store’s “Small Business” category.

The book also maintained its #4 slot in the ‘Web Marketing’ category as well as achieving the fifth position in “E-Commerce’. This triple best-selling book is testimony to the popularity of books offering small business advice.

Featured author Jeffrey Kim is the son of a martial arts grand master who established the American Kyuki-Do Federation’s form of martial arts in the 1960s. The first studio was in Elgin, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. The family business has continued to thrive and is the sanctioning body for martial arts practitioners training in the Art of Kyuki-Do™.

Author Jeffrey Kim closes the book with his chapter, “Determining Your ‘Why’”, in which he encourages teachers to follow their passion. Jeffrey details his own journey of following his family’s legacy of martial arts instruction while retaining a traditional job.

“I help students decide if teaching is a good fit for them,” says Jeffrey. High-level, martial arts training is both a mental as well as physical regimen, and the essence of the art enters all parts of your daily life. Because of that, Jeffrey says, “It is important to determine what motivates and influences someone to (become an instructor).”

“Sometimes, part time classes are enough.” Jeffrey suggests offering classes through local Park & Recreation departments as an easy way to transition from your ‘day job’ into running a full-time Dojang or training hall.

Jeffrey notes that teaching martial arts also trains the instructor on how to inspire students to become teachers themselves. “An instructor helps his or her students achieve greater goals than they set for themselves.”

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