Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Alliance to host conference in Vancouver, May 29, 2014. Speakers to enhance understanding of equity crowdfunding in British Columbia and across the...

Equity Crowfunding Alliance of Canada


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Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Alliance to host conference in Vancouver, May 29, 2014. Speakers to enhance understanding of equity crowdfunding in British Columbia and across the...

Vancouver, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2014 / The Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada (ECFA Canada), created to raise awareness of equity crowdfunding, hosts the Vancouver leg of its 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference Tour on May 29. Parallel events will take place in Calgary (May 27), Ottawa (June 3) and Montreal (June 10).

The event will feature experts in the venture capital, business angel, broker/dealer and equity crowdfunding fields. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during presentations and panel discussions. Entrepreneurs will be provided with the tips and techniques needed to manage a successful equity crowdfunding campaign. Ample opportunity will be provided for networking and fostering new partnerships.

"ECFA Canada has grown significantly since its founding just a few months ago," said Oscar A. Jofre, co-chair of ECFA Canada. "We represent all equity crowdfunding portals in Canada, and a significant number of investors, VCs, issuers, and third party professional advisers. Our working committees are helping evolve equity crowdfunding in Canada though representations to regulatory bodies and educational efforts, including our current cross country tour (#ecfa2014)."

Who should attend The 2014 Equity Crowdfunding Conference Canada Tour?

-- Angel and venture capital investors seeking information on how to participate in crowdfunded private security offerings, and on opportunities that equity crowdfunding may create for them;

-- Issuers: Startups, growth-stage and established companies seeking alternative fundraising options and practical, step-by-step tips on running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign;

-- Equity crowdfunding platforms (portals) that are promoting their products and services;

-- Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) seeking information on how equity crowdfunding might impact or enhance their businesses;

-- Marketing specialists, legal advisers, accountants and other business advisers looking for new clients and partners;

-- Business, accounting or law students interested in the areas of securities, private capital markets, equity crowdfunding best practices, entrepreneurial initiatives, and Internet/social media marketing;

-- Journalists and business bloggers searching for new topics of interest; and

-- Anyone who is considering supporting equity crowdfunding projects or investing in businesses through equity crowdfunding.

Featured speakers and panelists include Sandi Gilbert, founder of SeedUps Canada, Oscar Jofre, CEO of Boardsuite, Brian Koscak, a partner at Cassels Brock, Marcus New, founder and chief entrepreneur of InvestX Capital Ltd., and chairman of Stockhouse Publishing Ltd.

Click here to register for the Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference tour in Vancouver at the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, on May 29, and subsequent events across the country. Space is limited.

About ECFA Canada
The Equity Crowdfunding Alliance is represented by companies and individuals with an interest in equity crowdfunding in Canada. ECFA Canada's mandate includes supporting, educating and developing the equity crowdfunding industry in Canada.

ECFA Canada's mandates include:

1. Educating the public, media and Canadian securities regulators about equity crowdfunding;
2. Guiding issuers and investors into equity crowdfunding and on to success; and
3. Working with funding portals, angel investors, venture capital firms, registered dealers and other capital markets participants in developing the equity crowdfunding ecosystem.

If you want to get involved in equity crowdfunding in Canada or find out more about the 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference tour, join ECFA Canada today at ECFA Canada is transforming equity investing in Canada.

For more information contact:
A. Jofre, Founder & CEO. ECFA Canada, 647-965-8268, [email protected], @ECFACanada on Twitter.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, co-chair events committee, ECFA Canada, @ECFACanada on Twitter.

Media contact:

Howard Oliver, What If What Next(TM) - PR,

416-568-5254, [email protected], @HowardTO on Twitter.


SOURCE: The Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada