Anti-Virus For The Mind – Etienne Gravel Uncovers Way To Attack Root Causes of Depression

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Anti-Virus For The Mind – Etienne Gravel Uncovers Way To Attack Root Causes of Depression

Etienne Gravel, creator of “Anti-Virus For The Mind”, was featured on Influencers Radio show explaining how he helps people change, distort and even erase problem memories of negative experiences that are the root causes of depression

May 21st, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / “Anti-Virus For The Mind” creator, Etienne Gravel, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing the techniques he uses to help people get rid of depression.

During the interview, Gravel explains how his software programming, computer and systems analysis background helped him to recognize that an “Unresolved Conflict” that he calls a “Mind Virus” is often times the root cause of depression. His “Anti-Virus for the Mind” program works to change, distort, or even erase these “Unresolved Conflicts”, such as problem memories of negative experiences that can be the foundation of what people refer to as depression.

Gravel discusses how when a person has a “Mind Virus,” such as trauma from a past relationship and a similar event occurs in a new relationship, that mind virus can surface and cause conflict in the new relationship.

Without the proper tools, people can’t fix the “Mind Virus” and/or feelings and emotions surrounding the root cause of their current symptoms. The symptoms, experienced on a daily basis, are what people call depression. Once the root cause is gone, which is the actual problem, the symptoms tend to disappear completely.

“Every memory has an emotional counterpart to it, or an energy charge. So a negative memory would have a negative charge associated with it. People encode information in the same way: eyes, ears, feelings, touch, sound, etc.” – Through the five senses. Gravel explains how a person using Anti-Virus For The Mind can decode and reprogram, distort or change the charge and the feelings associated with negative memories and experiences in the mind so that the “unresolved conflict” gets properly resolved and can no longer adversely affect the person.

The person can then get on with their life and have success in the area where they were challenged before allowing them freedom from the “Personal Hell” that they were dealing with as a result of the “Mind Virus”. These “Mind Viruses” can adversely affect all areas of a persons life such as their family, their relationships, their friends, their children, their finances, their fitness and health, their ability to concentrate and get things done, their ability to sleep well, their freedom from the past etc.

There are many add-on costs and previously unknown “Vicious Cycles” related to having depression that Gravel exposes in his Special Report

Gravel says, “The true beauty of the program is that if you’ve been through any traumatic experiences, you don’t need to disclose what you’ve been through because many people don’t want to relive things that bother them”.

The Anti-Virus For The Mind program is designed to empower people and help people get their personal freedom back from whatever negative experience or trauma they went through.

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