After Reversing Macular Degeneration, the work of Canadian Artist John Crittenden is again available online

John Crittenden


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After Reversing Macular Degeneration, the work of Canadian Artist John Crittenden is again available online

Burnaby, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2014/ Painted Turtle ArtPrints is pleased to offer limited edition Giclees from the collections of John Crittenden. John has recently been in the news because of his battle with macular degeneration and success in recovering from it.

After regaining his sight John is back to painting and photographing the history of Western Canada. "All across Canada I see beautiful old barns and complete homesteads off in one corner of a field slowly disappearing back into the land. It's beyond sad to me that there's not more interest in preserving what's left of our Canadian heritage."

Dedicating his entire career of 50 years to fighting this trend, John's work records the story of a people who came to Canada to escape the oppression of European society and ended up building a new life that was transformed by the land itself and the aboriginal people who lived on it and so easily accepted them. The Canada West Collection is an ongoing series of limited edition Giclees of original paintings and photographs that tells the stories of these early Canadians.

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A private and gifted artist, John's style is traditional, free-flowing and earthy. His strong use of earth colours is what sets his work apart in both his paintings and photography. There is nothing quite like it in contemporary Canadian art today. Since his first one-person show at Lambs Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta in 1966 John has produced and sold more than 1,200 paintings.

When he lost his sight in one eye and was told the disease had started in the other one, he had to stop painting. Refusing to accept that his career was over John took up his second love, night photography and has released the first two ongoing series titled A walk around Vancouver at Night and Flowers in the Night. "Photography in its purest sense is an artistic medium and accepted as such around the world today."

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John has had many one-person shows in venues ranging from commercial galleries to museums, Expo 86, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, the McLaughlin Museum and the National Art Centre to name a few and his work has appeared in many magazines and books over the years.

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