American Cannabis Consulting Addresses Current and Prospective Shareholders with Letter from Its Chairman and CEO, Corey Hollister

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American Cannabis Consulting Addresses Current and Prospective Shareholders with Letter from Its Chairman and CEO, Corey Hollister

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2014 / - Brazil Interactive Media, Inc. d/b/a American Cannabis Consulting (OTCQB: BIMI) (the "Company"), today provided an introduction of its business to current and prospective shareholders with a letter from the Company’s CEO and Chairman, Corey Hollister.  Mr. Hollister’s letter is included below in this press release.    

May 20, 2014

Dear Shareholders:

            On behalf of our team, I am pleased to introduce American Cannabis Company Inc. American Cannabis Company Inc. (or "ACC") owns and operates three vertically-integrated businesses; American Cannabis Consulting, Cube Root and The Trade Winds.  Separately, each business delivers services and products for their customers and clients seeking to start or expand their cannabis-based businesses and product offerings.  Through these businesses, ACC provides a fully-integrated offering of industry-specific advisory and management services. ACC both manufactures and distributes innovative products supporting all aspects of regulated cannabis operations.  Additionally, ACC provides an end-to-end supply chain management service through a group purchasing platform which is both efficient, effective and valuable to our clientele. 

American Cannabis Consulting was initially founded as a consulting service which assisted parties in improving the performance of their operations as well as with the complex application process of procuring state-sanctioned legalized marijuana licenses. Today, ACC provides full-scale management services including; business planning, yield maximization, financial forecasting, regulatory compliance, facility build-out and deployment and oversight of the application process and post-licensing phase supporting clients from inception through deployment and into operations. ACC works with clients on an ongoing basis to monitor the performance of their operations and improve or execute corrective action plans as required.

Cube Root manufactures, markets and distributes a state-of-the-art, portable indoor cultivation system. Its flagship product, "The Cube", is a fully- functional, automated growing room that provides a safe, climate controlled and consistent growing environment. The Cube also provides speed to market, scalability and increased production capacity on a square foot basis. The Cube maximize yield in a commercial setting, reduces risk and produce pharmaceutical grade product for the legalized and regulated marijuana markets.

The Trade Winds is a purchasing cooperative.   Trade Winds allows cannabis industry businesses the ability to aggregate volumes and manage a cost effective product distribution model.   Trade Winds stocks and warehouses in-house products and inventory for customers to take livery of, or ship to whatever destination they request.
The co-founders of American Cannabis Company, Ellis Smith and Corey Hollister, both former owners and operators of a vertically integrated medical marijuana operations have extensive industry experience allowing them to guide clients through the myriad of challenges they encounter within the rapidly evolving legalized marijuana market. As owners of the The Village Green Society in Boulder, CO the founders received national recognition as the first organization to cultivate medical cannabis on a commercial scale using a niche growing technique known as True Living Organics (TLO). During this time they also helped the Colorado cannabis industry identify and develop mitigation protocols for a previously unmitigated pest.

As operators of American Cannabis Consulting, our clients have been awarded merit-based licensees in the competitive markets of Massachusetts and Connecticut, of which there were only four licenses awarded in Connecticut, and 20 out of 100 bids secured in Massachusetts.  Our clients currently have license applications being prepared or pending in Nevada, Washington and Illinois. We believe this number will significantly increase as more states are scheduled to come online and the legalized medical marijuana market continues to flourish. ACC conducts facility deployments in the US and internationally and is currently establishing operations for a client in Canada. Finally we work with clients with existing operations to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, one example resulted in a 30% yield increase after ACC implemented its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) within the cultivation facility.

American Cannabis Company will currently trade on the OTCQB market under the ticker symbol "BIMI". We will shortly be filing for a corporate name change to “American Cannabis Company, Inc.” and new ticker symbol.  Following post-merger adjustments, the Company’s fully diluted, total shares outstanding will be 45,300,000.

We are pleased to welcome our new shareholders and look forward to the exciting journey ahead.


Corey Hollister
Chairman and CEO

About American Cannabis Consulting:
American Cannabis Consulting ("ACC") owns and operates three vertically integrated businesses, American Cannabis Consulting, Cube Root Inc. and The Trade Winds Inc., which deliver an end-to-end solution for their customers and clients within the cannabis industry. Through these businesses, ACC provides industry specific advisory and consulting services, manufactures cultivation products and facilities, and manages a strategic group partnership that produces private label customer products. ACC has successfully procured licensing agreements for its clients in several states and is accessing existing and new growth opportunities, in both domestic and international cannabis markets.
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