New Online Application Gives Small Businesses Fast and Easy Access to Working Capital

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New Online Application Gives Small Businesses Fast and Easy Access to Working Capital

New online application gives small and mid-sized businesses fast and easy access to business loans and working capital. Sunovis Financial has made the process simpler and easier to access affordable business credit.

Overland Park, United States / ACCESSWIRE / May 19th, 2014 / Sunovis Financial, a leading provider of alternative financing solutions for businesses, today launched their new Online Loan Application that allows small and mid-sized businesses to apply for working capital with a completely online transaction. Now, small to mid-sized business owners can receive decisions in 24 hours or less upon completing an application online and get access to working capital within 3 to 5 days. In addition to avoiding the time consuming process of the traditional bank loan process and providing information over the phone, they have eliminated most of the standard paperwork associated with the small business loan process.

Sunovis Financial’s new online application now makes it faster and easier for small business owners who need quick access to working capital to make time sensitive inventory purchases, add or replace equipment, or finance their business needs. Using the latest technology and intuitive processes, Sunovis Financial can now process requests more efficiently than ever before, and reduce the completion time of the entire application process from weeks, or even months, to a matter of hours and receive funding within a couple of days.

Sunovis Financial will also offer qualified partners the ability to utilize the online application by integrating it with their websites. Business owners will have the ability to apply without having to leave the website of a partner.

"We looked at thousands of online applications and built a new system to create the next generation of online applications and we’re giving small business owners an additional incentive to choose alternative lending over banks and other sources," said Terry Robinson, CEO and Founder of Sunovis Financial. "To compete in today’s fast-paced environment, business owners need a quick, straight-forward process when it comes to the loan process. We’re meeting the challenge by improving the loan application experience and we have additional plans in 2014 to help small business owners to obtain working capital as quickly and efficiently from whatever device they maybe using."

"We have always pioneered new and innovative ways to better the business lending experience and this is the latest product that will give small business owners an improved way to meet their capital needs," said Robinson."Sunovis Financial is excited to be on the forefront of ongoing technology improvements within the alternative lending industry. It is our mission to benefit our clients by providing them with a better and easier process of applying for working capital."

Sunovis Financial has been leading the way in creative working capital solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of milestones achieved by the company over the past year including:

- Securing a new credit facility to provide business loans and working capital to businesses with larger loans amounts of up to $2,000,000.
- Relocating to a larger new corporate headquarters in Overland Park, KS.
- Largest company head-count since inception – with more than 700 partners.

"2014 is continuing to be a great year and we look forward to an even a stronger finish," said Robinson. "We are well positioned to help small businesses grow and we will be an integral part of that success."

About Sunovis Financial

Sunovis Financial is a leading online lender specializing in helping small businesses that have healthy cash flows. Typical customers include, health and dental practices, retail stores, restaurant and franchisees, online companies, and more. Sunovis Financial currently serves over 700 industry types and offers a broad range of small business loans and other alternative financing products, such as equipment leasing and accounts receivable factoring.

Their Premier small business loans are offered at affordable, business-friendly rates and require no personal guarantee, no collateral, and have no prepayment penalty. Sunovis Financial extends their short-term, renewable business loans of up to $250,000 to qualified applicants within a few business days and has recently added an extended working capital loan to $2,000,000. The company’s speed and transparency make it a trusted alternative to banks.

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