Top 5 Home Security Systems in Phoenix, AZ - Read Our Reviews


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Top 5 Home Security Systems in Phoenix, AZ - Read Our Reviews

Phoenix, AZ / May 19, 2014 / Following an extensive and thorough analysis of various home security systems available on the market, the team at has recently published a list of the Top 5 home security companies in Phoenix, AZ.

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Company spokesperson Maggie Lawson explains, "Today, most homeowners understand the importance of having a home security system to protect their families and their homes. At Home Security Tutor, we have gone before those homeowners, so to speak, researching and analyzing the different companies out there, so consumers can make more informed decisions."

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that in 2012, there were 8,975,438 property related crimes that occurred throughout the United States. Estimated losses associated with those property crimes totaled $15.5 Billion. If losses were evenly distributed for each of the incidents that occurred in 2012 alone, each property owner represented in these statistics would have lost approximately $1,727.

Still, these FBI statistics represent a drop in property related crimes compared to the previous year. Law enforcement experts attribute the decline in property crimes to the increased use of home security systems.

Lawson says, "Increased public awareness of how to avert burglaries and home invasions has created a greater demand within the home security industry for high-quality security services at a price that homeowners can afford."

Lawson offers homeowners the following tips regarding the important features to look for when shopping for home security systems.

1. Outdoor Security Lighting. Burglars simply want to target a home that they can enter easily and without a great deal of attention being drawn to to their presence. Motion-sensitive outdoor lights are tremendously effective at staving off would be burglars who show up at night.

2. Sensors. It is highly recommended that each entryway (doors, windows, garage doors, etc.) has a motion sensor attached. Those motion sensors detect activity in your front and back yards as well as motion inside the home. However, if you live in a neighborhood where pets often wander into and out of your yard, assure that security system technicians calibrate the system appropriately, so movements like these do not trigger false alarms routinely.

3. Video Monitors. Video monitoring systems are more expensive, but they tend to frighten off burglars, who don't want to leave behind evidence identifying them for law enforcement officials.

4. Remote access. Today, highly connected and technically saavy homeowners are often using mobile devices for more than texts, emails and pictures. These devices can, with certain home security companies, allow remote access to the home security service. Homeowners can, with some companies, lock the doors to the home, switch certain lights on and off and even set the alarm.

5. Signs. Every homeowner who has a home security service should also leave signs, either on the door of the home, in the yard, or both.

Click Here Now to Read Our Reviews of the Top 5 Companies in Phoenix, AZ

Lawson reminds homeowners, "Burglars often target homes ahead of time. But they seek out the lowest hanging fruit. Homes that look too secure, and therefore too difficult to break into, are passed over for less secure residences."