Revolutionizing Recruiting in Malaysia through Social Recruiting Platforms

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Revolutionizing Recruiting in Malaysia through Social Recruiting Platforms

JobTact is an up and coming social recruiting platform that is set to change how hiring is done in Malaysia. The company has established itself as a leading force in social recruiting and seeks to revolutionize the job industry.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / ACCESSWIRE / May 16th, 2014 / There has been a lot of news lately on how job seekers make blunders on social media that end up costing them their jobs. But does that mean that job seekers ought to keep their social activity private?

According to, a rising job site in Malaysia who harnesses the power of social recruiting, job seekers ought to be more active in their social media circles now more than ever. The social recruitment platform innovator says that many organizations today are beginning to rely more on social media to find the most qualified candidates for available positions. According to, some companies have recruited new employees who were unaware of the available jobs at the time if not via social referral.

A strong presence in social media is therefore important. Of course it must be well thought out. A well curated profile could increase your chances of landing a job.

Why Recruiters Should Pay Attention to Social Media and Social Recruiting

In surveys carried out in 2013, it was found that recruiting through social media was on the rise and it is still growing rapidly. According to, social recruiting is the third most popular source for candidates at this moment and it’s overtaking many traditional talent hunting alternatives. In addition to this, it delivered on of the highest quality of candidates when compared to other forms of recruiting.

A well set up social recruiting campaign can help to reduce duplication efforts for recruiters. This of course depends on how well the strategy is implemented. Companies spend less time and money on advertising positions. This is because they already have links to various networks that allow for automatic updating and talent seeking. Jobtact aims to provide this exact platform to connect employers with talents at a close-up, social level. offers companies the opportunity to source for the best possible professionals for any position by giving them access to a social platform that surfaces candidates talent, portfolio and community contribution. The social recruiting platform is therefore able to gain a better insight into the candidates.

Candidates that are taken through the social recruiting platform are therefore better characterized than with traditional recruiting methods. This increases the company’s odds of getting the right candidate for the position and reduces the ‘trial and error’ approach which is costly.

"Jobtact is giving us a better hiring solution than JobStreet. We get to hire at a lower cost, connect closer with the candidates and therefore, an accurate hire," said Daniel Tan, CEO at Plentisoft Sdn Bhd. JobStreet is one of Malaysia’s many job sites that has recently been bought by Australia’s Seek Ltd (Sek.AU) for MYR1,730 million (US$523.5 million).

Good Sense in This Digital Age

Companies and recruiters in Malaysia are yet to fully embrace the benefits of using social recruiting to find the right candidates for available position. It is admittedly a new method of recruiting unlike in many western countries such as the US and countries in Europe. When used effectively however, social recruiting can give an unparalleled boost to any company’s recruiting capabilities.

~ by Josh Lennis, Senior Editor,

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