New Social Recruiting Platform to Disrupt Traditional Hiring Methods In Malaysia

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New Social Recruiting Platform to Disrupt Traditional Hiring Methods In Malaysia, an upcoming social recruiting platform is all set to be a potential game changer that will redefine the future of talent sourcing and hiring in Malaysia. This trend setting startup seeks to democratize Malaysia's job industry. 

MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2014 / (jobtact), Malaysia’s first social recruiting network that leverages the immense scope, reach, and power of social media to create a win-win situation for both employers and job seekers is poised for a successful launch. This platform is primarily geared towards becoming ‘the place’ for potential and professional candidates to search for jobs as well as converse, share, engage and refer each other to 'be found' by employers. It will also fulfil the hiring requirements and meet the specific talent acquisition needs of corporate recruiters and talent management professionals.

As a professional social network that aims to bring these talent groups together, offers a number of features that will make it the most powerful tool for sourcing professional candidates in Malaysia. Extremely focused and educated about the needs of corporate recruiters, this new service is making the most of the enormous transformation that companies are undergoing. These changes include, but are not limited to employers using social recruiting platforms to replace their own networks as they learn how to source passive candidates by themselves. 

JobTact’s USP is harnessing the immense potential of the proactive process of social recruiting to help job seekers not only promote themselves, but also empower them to meet like-minded people and industry professionals. With over 65 focused talent communities that have well-defined talent groups listed to select jobs for specific skill sets, candidates can literally network their way to a new job. 

Adopting a social approach and UX, each job seeker on has a private profile and timeline. They can showcase their portfolio, achievements, education, work experience, skills and knowledge, and background on the platform instead of uploading a resume that may not be the most effective way of presenting themselves to potential employers. Apart from a high level of privacy such as resume and private details visibility limited only to the company/companies that a candidate sends their application to, there is also a Talent Community where they can share their thoughts, exchange views, and even be spotted by employers if they are top contributors. Every talent community also has a leaderboard to reward the best contributors. 

Employers and recruiters get to hire through talent communities from various industries and professional backgrounds. They can connect with active as well as passive candidates who may not be on the lookout for jobs. helps companies become a talent magnet by enabling them to a build a comprehensive dynamic branding page to offer job seekers a better insight into them. At the same time, they get to know more about the candidate through their profile and timeline by viewing their daily engagement and their thoughts, and following them on the community. 

Speaking about what sets apart from the other players in the market, Daniel Tan, CEO of Plentisoft Sdn Bhd, who is using JobTact to successfully hunt talent, said, "JobTact’s platform is all about connecting companies and recruiters with the right candidates from the word go. As soon as a job seeker signs up for an account, they are given a choice of talent communities and groups that define the recommend companies to follow. The entire process is very structured and systematic to help talent surface, allow candidates to spread their wings, and ensure that employers easily spot the most suitable candidates of their choice."

~ by Eireen Jones, Contributor -

SOURCE: jobtact