(AUDIO ENHANCED) SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! MarketRadio Episode #9



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(AUDIO ENHANCED) SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! MarketRadio Episode #9

Calgary, AB / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2014 / If that headline didn't grab your attention - it better before July 1st.

That is when Canada's new Anti-SPAM legislation goes into effect and if you are involved in a publicly-traded company or have any e-mail driven form of investment / promotions programs in place - you best make sure they are compliant with these new rules - because the penalties are severe enough to crush a junior issuer in a key-stroke.

Chris Bennett is a Vancouver-based lawyer with Davis LLP who specializes in intellectual Property and Technology Law and he brings some sage advice when it comes to getting onside with communications online, starting with;

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