Evod Review Predicts VaporZone Kit To Be the Next Standard in The E-Cigarette Industry

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Evod Review Predicts VaporZone Kit To Be the Next Standard in The E-Cigarette Industry

Atlanta, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2014 / Focusing on the product's quality and functionality, E-Cigarette-Review.net rates EVOD electronic cigarette as "simply excellent."

E-Cigarette-Review.net, a leading review portal featuring various e-cigarette brands, has passed judgment on the latest buzz in the market: the Evod. Following a thorough review, the team behind the website believes the Evod is hogging all attention for all the right reasons. 

Featuring the upgraded Evod e-cigarette Pro Kit from VaporZone.com, the E-Cigarette-Review.net team tried out the newest industry sensation and admits being floored by the product, in a good way.

"I have been trying to find a single fault with this electronic cigarette but so far I have not been able to," said E-Cigarette-Review.net's Alexa Van Klemp in the unbiased Evod review.

Sporting a sleek design with non-slip coating, The VaporZone Evod offers quality craftsmanship that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is nice to the touch. E-Cigarette-Review.net believes e-cigarettes and all its components need to be very durable, and the Evod is meeting those standards by remaining intact after falling off numerous times.

Anatomically, the VaporZone Evod comes with a mini-USB charging connector found on the bottom part and hidden under a chrome cap that screws on and off. Its tank uses replaceable atomizer heads, with each atomizer lasting for weeks if regularly maintained and cleaned using warm water or ethanol. The Evod Starter Kit comes with three replacement heads inside it. The Bottom Coil Changeable or BBC tank, unlike most others, is leak-proof.

The Evod atomizers come in three resistance choices, with 2.2 Ohm as standard. This e-cig is powered by a 3.7 V battery with a current capacity of 650 mAh to last over a day. E-Cigarette-Review.net appreciates how the Evod is a handy and light pocket-sized product that is so easy to carry around. VaporZone's improved version of the Evod can also be used as a Passthrough or USB-passthru, allowing users to recharge it and vape one of the 101 flavors at the same time.

"VaporZone truly knows how to cater to vapers through choice and quality," said Alexa of the perfected version of the Evod.. "And for that reason I am sure this brand will flourish."

E-Cigarette-Review.net emphasizes that the VaporZone Evod e-liquid is manufactured in an FDA-registered lab in the United States with only the finest components to ensure enjoyable and prolonged use. Every purchase is covered by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee as well as a 90-day Warranty on all the kits.

To find out more about the new VaporZone Evod, please visit http://e-cigarette-review.net for information.

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