Digital Syllabus Provides Higher Education from Distinguished Specialists

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Digital Syllabus Provides Higher Education from Distinguished Specialists

Digital Syllabus, Inc. offers online in-house courses of study by leading professionals in a variety of vocations from aeronautics and medical education and much more.


Los Angeles, CA, USA / ACCESSWIRE / May 10th, 2014 / Digital Syllabus, Inc is now available for businesses, colleges and universities to take advantage of the custom curriculum development, online courses and in-house educational services being offered. These educational and business development services are designed by a group of distinguished specialists in a variety of respective fields, beginning with Michael Scott, President and CEO of Digital Syllabus, Inc. Michael Scott’s illustrious background includes forty years of experience in the education field along with an extensive array of successes in accreditation activities.

Mr. Scott, along with the highly qualified educators who are a part of Digital Syllabus, Inc., are experts in designing and executing effective education courses. These courses not only meet the needs of core courses per educational accrediting bodies, but can also meet the educational requirements of the agencies they serve. The capability of providing a spectrum of courses via online access or through in-house training is a convenient and beneficial solution for assuring required training is achieved at the highest level of quality for staff members, service providers, customers and management teams from all industries.

Michael Scott comments, “Digital Syllabus Inc. works with business, colleges and universities, to develop and offer state-of-the-art options for curriculum development and delivery.”

Among the services offered by Digital Syllabus, Inc., there is a concerted focus on general education and course-specific curricula development. These services are available for any field of study required or desired by the agencies that contract for services. Additional offerings include product information development, training development courses, and individualized course material development.

New program curriculum development, in-service education and management course design, and new program development are further specialties offered by Digital Syllabus, Inc. There is also in house corporate training center development and multiple language translation abilities offered. Full support and the most advanced technology available are a part of every project Digital Syllabus, Inc. undertakes.

About Digital Syllabus, Inc:
Founded in April of 2014, Digital Syllabus, Inc. offers custom curriculum development, online courses and in-house educational opportunities. Leading specialties work with businesses, colleges and universities to develop and offer advanced curriculum development and delivery options for a variety of subjects.

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Name: Michael Scott
Organization: Digital Syllabus Inc.
Phone: (323)813-6011
Address: Los Angeles, CA