New AMT and the LateralX Ellipticals: Ultimate in Exercise Technology says Rodney Rice

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New AMT and the LateralX Ellipticals: Ultimate in Exercise Technology says Rodney Rice

Metairie, LA / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2014 / Eating like a caveman may be popular, but that's no reason to exercise like one. Advances in fitness technology are greatly expanding the available options for exercise equipment and, stride for stride, the newest machines deliver a caloric burn that rivals hunting and gathering for muscle-sculpting results. At Fitness Expo's six locations across Louisiana and Mississippi, professional trainers are on staff to demystify their two newest, revolutionary, dynamic motion machines that combine low-impact movements with custom resistance programs to create uniquely effective workouts.

The new machines, the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) and LateralX elliptical, are at the cutting edge of commercial and at-home fitness solutions. Standard ellipticals allow for movement in only one direction, up and down, similar to stair-climbing. Fitness Expo's two, new featured machines move in every direction. With the AMT and LateralX a single workout can target many more muscle groups: go from stair climbing to a low-impact sprint into a lateral lunge to strengthen quads for skiing, all without pressing a button. These machines adjust instantly to the exerciser's needs and burn more fat faster.

Delivering tailored results quickly and easily, these machines are the future of exercise for busy professionals who schedule fitness between conference calls, and are must-have products for any commercial gym cultivating a devoted client base. It can be overwhelming to choose the most suitable exercise equipment; Fitness Expo's low-pressure sales staff is a valuable resource for determining the best fit for every client and they provide in-home repair service--taking the fear of malfunction out of the equation.

Owning an at-home gym doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive, Fitness Expo has equipment to fit in any budget and offers financing to qualified applicants. Going to the gym can be a big expense and a hard errand to fit into an already hectic life. Being able to enjoy working out in the comfort of one's own cave is an attainable dream at the Fitness Expo stores.

About Fitness Expo

Founded in 1980 by the Rice family, all three generations work hard to maintain Fitness Expo's reign as one of the oldest and most reputable fitness retailers in the U.S. In six locations throughout the South, they offer a wide selection of the industry's best brands combined with a commitment to quality customer service. Fitness Expo is an excellent choice for all exercise equipment needs.

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