TouchActionApps Adds Spanish to Super-Spies Adventures IPhone/iPad App

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TouchActionApps Adds Spanish to Super-Spies Adventures IPhone/iPad App

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2014 / One of the nation's top app creation companies has added the fastest-growing language in the US to its interactive adventure story, which features audio narration, character voices and coloring pages.

A record 37.6 million persons ages five years and older speak Spanish at home, according to an analysis of the American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center, and thanks to the developers of a recently released app called Super-Spies Adventures, parents of children who speak Spanish will now be able to provide their children with an interactive adventure story in their native language.

"This includes storybook text, character voices, and audio narration," said Nick Kime, spokesman for TouchActionApps LLC, the creators of Super-spies Adventures, a storybook application reads the story out loud as kids read along with the text on screen."

Kime explained that for both the text and audio, children will now be able to select Spanish or English. 

"Children even have the option of reading the text in Spanish while listening to English audio or reading the text in English while listening to the Spanish audio," Kime pointed out, before adding, "We feel that children learn a foreign language better when put in the context of a story. Once children understand the story in their native language it will be easier for them to make the connection in a second language."

The company's decision to add Spanish could prove to have perfect timing.

According to the US Census Bureau, the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. has grown rapidly in recent decades, reflecting the arrival of new immigrants from Latin America and growth in the nation's Hispanic population.

"Knowing and understanding facts, population and language trends, the translation was completed specifically to facilitate learning," Kime noted. "The corresponding English and Spanish text aligns with the spoke audio. We also focused on correct grammar in both languages."

Kime added that Super-Spies Adventures allows children to enjoy the character voices as part of the story. 

"The first book in the Super-Spies series introduces Martha and Sam who appear to be typical children," Kime pointed out about the app, which can be downloaded at:

The company spokesman went on to note that after their father tucks them into bed, they sneak out of the room and into their Super Secret Super Spy lair. 

"From their headquarters they receive information about the Evil Dr. Pinkeye's plans to steal all the pet food," Kime said. "This is the first of his many plans to become ruler of the world. It's up to Martha and Sam to find Evil Dr. Pinkeye and save the world. There are coloring pages for each graphic in the story. The pages can easily be saved to the photo album."

As to what makes the Super Spies Adventures app different from everything else on the market is the fact that parents can have peace of mind knowing that although the apps is designed to be interactive and adventurous, it's 100 percent safe and educational for children.

"It's very encouraging to create a product that encourages bilingual learning," Kime said. "We have balanced the entertainment of an adventure story with learning a second language."

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TouchActionApps LLC has released their newest iPhone/iPad storybook application. Super-Spies is an interactive adventure story with character voices and coloring page.


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