Professional Web Design Agency Presents Insights Into The New Face of Local SEO

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Professional Web Design Agency Presents Insights Into The New Face of Local SEO

The concept of SEO has changed radically. talks about how the successful interplay of various factors today is critical in helping local businesses leverage the unlimited reach and scope of the new face of local SEO.

Buffalo, New York, USA / ACCESSWIRE / May 7th, 2014 /, a professional web design agency headquartered in Buffalo, New York is constantly tweaking their services to empower local businesses to make the most of the massive number of opportunities that the new SEO has brought in. They help small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, start-ups and professional individuals who need a more effective way to enhance their internet visibility and boost the success rate of their online presence without relying on the old outdated methods.

Having witnessed the incredible transition from old SEO methods to the new SEO that now includes the seamless integration between search engines, social networking platforms, review sites, maps, and quality link building, offers their insights into the current and latest trends in the SEO industry.

- 2013 was a major turning point for SEO with local businesses seeing a dramatic and radical shift from traditional keyword-focused strategies to content-centric methodologies. Google’s Hummingbird update sealed the deal by setting a new quality benchmark by which all websites could estimate their potential reach and effectiveness going forward.

- Rank still remains important. However, it needs to be measured accurately as the convergence of search, mobile and social has transformed the way content shows on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Local businesses cannot rely on generic rank reports anymore as these do not take into the account the spike and drops in traffic. Complete visibility in universal and location specific listing (city and country) and across multiple platforms such as desktop, tablet, and mobile decide rank and performance tracking.

- With user experience becoming top priority for major search engines, secure search that enables local business to measure revenue generation and ROI based on their page-centric SEO workflow and new content marketing strategies has emerged at the forefront of the SEO landscape. Today, secure search is no longer a choice; it is imperative. Revenue can be solely attributed to a 360-degree view of page-level content performance.

- SEO has now become the most important driver of earned media as part of the content marketing revolution. The key to unlocking this potential lies in gaining a 360-degree view of how your content is performing across all your web pages and attributing this to revenue.

- Adopting and implementing new age SEO tactics across page, content, search, and social media is the name of the game in 2014. While page content will now be the center of the new SEO universe to bring in website traffic, boost conversion rate, and generate revenue, tying in the results with secure search is the most intelligent way to prioritize one’s SEO efforts.

- Estimated traffic, conversion, and keyword specific revenue metrics are no longer accessible to marketers as these are irrelevant now. New SEO reporting demands measuring real page-level business metrics. Content, analytics, and on-page integration are key to the new SEO strategy. Data is structured, relevant, and connected across search, digital, and social media marketing.

A representative of said, “We only implement ethically proven strategies that are profitable to our clients business while adding value from multiple streams to their end-goals. As an online marketing and web design company, we take into consideration the user friendliness and usability of a site, an advanced level of on-page optimization, and a unique custom design that accurately represents the brand, captivates users and increases conversions. Everything we do is with a purpose, not just because it looks good.”

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