World's First Online Social Lending for the Mining Industry Launches at LendIt Conference in San Francisco

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World's First Online Social Lending for the Mining Industry Launches at LendIt Conference in San Francisco

Mine project loans to offer a base high-yield 7.5% fixed interest plus an additional forecast minimum 7.5% return from production profits.

Scottsdale, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2014 / Red Rock Assets LLC is pleased to announce the launch of, the world’s first social lending platform for the mining industry. Through Red Rock Assets, lenders can crowdfund mining projects, which historically have been financed predominately by banks and institutions.

Like other social lending platforms, Red Rock Assets gives lenders the opportunity to receive interest rates superior to those of banks. Additionally, through its unique focus on mining production projects, Red Rock Assets enables lenders to take a project-specific approach to the resource sector. "Junior mining companies are currently having difficulty financing production projects," said Matthew Freedman, President and CEO of Red Rock Assets. "As the global demand for mined commodities grows in the future, the financing of viable mining projects will be paramount. For lenders wishing to fund such projects and receive a share of operational profits as well as a high 7.5% base return, Red Rock Assets is pleased to provide a platform."

Strongly committed to reducing lender risk within the peer-to-peer industry, Red Rock Assets provides a high measure of safety, holding security assignments over each borrower’s assets for the benefit of its lending members. Red Rock Assets values its lenders' investments so highly that, for a project to receive funding, its recoverable resources must provide a loan coverage of at least 350%.

Red Rock Assets anticipates a strong lender response to its platform lending opportunities, in part due to its distribution of a pro-rata profit share from each funded project. "We believe that our lenders should benefit from the projects they fund," said Freedman. "With the reduced risk of a loan, our lenders will not only receive high-yield interest payments but also share in the profits of the projects they respectively finance, securing some of the high-upside return generally associated with equity investing."

Red Rock Assets has originated its first mining project loan offerings through Key Capital Corporation (OTC Pink: KCPC), a related structured financing and metals streaming and company, with Red Rock Assets providing for lender authentication, identity and bank account verification, interest collection, and payment and money transfer. Key Capital's press release announcing its agreement with Red Rock Assets may be found at  

For further information, see or contact Matthew Freedman, President and CEO, on telephone +1 (480) 426-9228 ext. 1 or email at [email protected].


SOURCE: Red Rock Assets LLC