Medical Marijuana Stocks Trading Down

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Medical Marijuana Stocks Trading Down

US Energy Initiative Corporation, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: USEI) stock volume soared on May 1st, with 87,648,064 shares changing hands, 38% higher than its three month average volume of 63,211,905. 

The diverse energy firm’s company share also jumped almost 42%, with its share price closing at $.0095, up $.0028 from the previous day’s close of $.0067. 

US Energy Initiative Corporation, Inc. has signed an agreement with Tranzbyte Corporation’s American Green Division to joint venture a grow and dispensary project in the metropolitan Denver region. 

According to CEO Anthony Miller "We believe that this is the most significant milestone we have achieved to date. We are confident that our relationship with Tranzbyte Corporation will elevate our firm to a new level. This venture allows us to showcase all of our relationships, talents, skills, products and technologies and provide a platform for incubation of a wide range of technologies. Management has very ambitious goals and objectives for USEI Cannabis, and we intend to have a very long presence in Colorado and Washington, and wherever cannabis is legal. Our objective is to create a foundation that will be instrumental in our continued success; this relationship does this for USEI".

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VAPE Holdings Inc.’s (OTCQB: VAPE) stock volume skyrocketed on May 1st with 1,109,454 shares exchanging hands, more than four times its three month average volume of 262,101 shares. 

The Woodland Hills, CA based company share volume also leaped 16.86% to $3.95 per share, 57 cents higher than its previous close of $3.38. 

VAPE Holdings Inc. recently announced it has over $100,000 of sales of its proprietary HIVE Ceramic line since it began processing orders in early April.

"I am very pleased by the early acceptance of the premium HIVE Ceramic line, especially because the majority of the purchases were made by the most informed buyers in the marketplace, those who know what is being sold nationwide," stated Kyle Tracey, CEO, Vape Holdings, Inc. "It's evident from the overwhelming response at the Cannabis Cup this past weekend that the HIVE Ceramic line, which has now expanded to 14 designs, is becoming a popular choice for consumers." is one of the most talked about stock newsletters in the world. To receive 100% FREE stock alerts that have incredible potential like US Energy Initiative Corporation, Inc. had today, sign up here:


Vapor Group Inc. (OTCQB: VPOR) saw high volume on May 1st, with 7,911,941 shares exchanging hands.  The stock closed at $.1173, down $.0102 from its previous close of $.1275. 

FINRA recently approved AvWorks Aviation Corp. (OTCQB: SPLI) for a change of its name and symbol effective with the OTC market open on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. The Company will be listed as “Vapor Group, Inc.” with a new trading symbol of “VPOR.”

This change makes it possible for investors the opportunity to fully relate to the company as a vapor company.  The company believes this name change will help investors see Vapor Group Inc. as a new company with a new direction focusing on designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality, vaporizers and e-cigarette brands

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Hemp Inc.’s (OTCPINK: HEMP) stock volume continued to drop on May 1st, with 16,825,726 shares exchanging hands, much lower than its three month average of 59,105,348 shares. 

Hemp Inc. closed the day down 4% at $.062, down $.003 from its previous close of $.065. 

Hemp Inc. made news recently when it signed a professional consulting services agreement with Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MD).  According to Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation’s press release, by joining forces with Hemp, Inc., Cloud-MD expects to bring a new level of professional encryption security and inventory management solutions to the Hemp and Medical Marijuana Industries.

According to Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. "The level and sophistication of Cloud-MD/CipherShop's software solutions have not been seen in the Hemp and Medical Marijuana sector and thus fills a gap in the current and future reporting requirements. As the need for cyber security and inventory management grows, the pioneers of this sector will become the Gold Standard for the future. It's very rare we see a company of this caliber... advanced sophisticated software and intellectual property loaded with PhD credentials. This illustrates the potential growth opportunity for Cloud-MD to become the leader."

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