The Bull is Back - Bigger and Better than Ever

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The Bull is Back - Bigger and Better than Ever

London, England / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2014 / Today, Rockstone Research’s Mining Analyst, Stephan Bogner (Dipl. Kfm., FH) published a new report on the proven business model “prospect generator” as an effective means of increasing one’s chances of success in the exploration space. The report includes interviews with Rick Rule from Sprott and Ryan Fletcher from Zimtu, both explaining what makes a great prospect generator in today’s commodity markets. 

The full research report can be viewed via the following links: 



“Bear markets are the authors of bull markets. A market that is off 75% is a market that is 75% less risky. It is my belief that the bear market, that we were in, was ugly enough that the bull market’s response will be pretty spectacular, too. My suspicion is: what we have seen so far is simply a dead-cat bounce in the better issuers – they were so oversold that the absence of selling and some small amount of buying took them up fairly substantially. And that is indicative of what happens in a bear market bottom.”  (Rick Rule)

“When I was in university, a long time ago in the early 70s, we were talking in Economic Geology that about 1 in 3000 mineralized anomalies became a mine. So the typical Howe Street or Bay Street investment proposition is that you take a 1 in 3000 chance for a 10 to 1 return – that makes the lottery look like a very very very good deal.” (Rick Rule) 

“Simply put, mineral exploration is a numbers game. Because the odds of success are so low, it makes sense to run through as many projects as possible to maximize one’s chances of hitting it big… The idea of the prospect generator business model is to advance as many projects as possible – to get as many tickets in the lottery, so to speak  – to maximize the odds of getting a discovery.” (Brien Lundin) 

The Bull is Back only for the Bigger and Better

The market for junior exploration stocks was challenging, to say the least, during the last 3 years. Only the best survived and will make it to the next level. This speaks for Zimtu and that it is uniquely poised to rise stronger than ever out of this crisis and is in a better position than ever to profit from an upcoming rebound in commodities. It requires only a few of the bets inside the Zimtu portfolio to work in order for Zimtu to outperform the market with ease. The risks have been mitigated to the max, letting the bull run - for You.

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