Zap Takes Orders for 25,000 of Its Electric Cars

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Zap Takes Orders for 25,000 of Its Electric Cars

ZAP’s (OTCQB: ZAAP) stock volume skyrocketed Apr 28, with 5,286,443 shares changing hands, nearly 6 times its three-month average volume of 949,358 shares.

The tremendous surge in stock volume is being fueled by the U.S.-China electric car company’s Apr. 28 announcement that it has  purchase orders for more than 25,000 of its vehicles.

 According to Zap, the orders were placed with down payments from more than 30 new dealers in Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei, Xian, Jinan, Shandong, and Nantong.

These new dealers are the long established major dealership partners of Jonway Group from Jonway Motorcycle business. Most of the orders were placed for the full electric URBEE, which is viewed by these dealers as a well-positioned product for the metro cities of China and a new entry into the market space that addresses the mass market demands at the right price with quality. With a driving range of over 150 km per charge, it is ideally suited for daily city driving with overnight recharging.

Vehicles to Be Delivered Within 6 Months

The launch of URBEE in April at the exhibitions held in China generated tremendously positive responses from dealers that are confident of sales and ready to buy in quantities for their dealerships. Strong market interests for the URBEE continue, as more of these new dealers are qualified and being signed up with quantity purchase orders.

 SPARKEE, which is priced at the higher end, received more than 2,000 orders from local Chinese dealers. Production of both URBEE and SPARKEE has begun, as the Jonway Auto factory readies itself for the volume manufacturing delivery of 2,000 vehicles per month starting June 2014. Delivery of these 25,000 vehicles is scheduled over the next six months.

Auto sales in China reached 22 million in 2013, far exceeding any other markets in the world. This represents a 14% increase compared to 2012. Car ownership remains a low percentage with only 120 million vehicles on the road. With the Chinese government focused at supporting and stimulating EV adoption in China, the overall market sentiments towards full electric vehicles have evolved quickly and positively, with a willingness to purchase EVs if at the right price.

On Apr. 28, ZAAP’s shares closed at 22 cents, up 1 cent  from its closing price of  21 cents the previous day.

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Intelligent Living Inc. Merges Assets to Create New Subsidiary

In other news, Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQB: ILIV) stock volume fell Apr. 28, with just 58,977,948 shares changing hand far below its three-month average volume of  76,187,981 shares.

In addition, the Miami-based developmental stage company that wants to produce various cannabis-based IT products, share value continues to fall, with its shares closing at 0.0051 cents, down 0.0005 cents from its close of 0.0056 cents the previous day.

More Positive Spin

Nonetheless, Intelligent Living continues to churn out numerous positive press releases.

For example, on Apr. 28, the company announced that it had created a new subsidiary company called Provectus and, in doing so, has merged the assets of both Venturian Group of Miami and Perfect Solutions of Northfield, N.J. into the subsidiary to create a robust, full service Managed IT and Private Cloud services company with current revenues of $2.2 million.

According to the press release, this new subsidiary will bring revenue and operational efficiency to Intelligent Living, which will be demonstrated on the balance sheet over the next few years.

Intelligent Living’s  Chief Strategy Officer Josh Eikov said, "We made the decision to become an infrastructure company to both the medical and marijuana industries which are completely burgeoning markets that represent a global opportunity approaching $60 billion by the end of the decade."

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Fresh Healthy Vending International Adds Touchscreens to Its Combo Machines

Meanwhile, Fresh Healthy Vending International Inc. (OTCQB: VEND) on Apr. 23 announced its partnership with AirVend, now mounting the AV5 cashless touchscreen devices on its healthy vending combo machines.

In addition to its cashless payment options and access to real-time machine data, AirVend is the solution for operators needing to adhere to new USDA snack-product requirements and legislation, making Fresh Healthy Vending an even more attractive option for school locations.

Android-Based Technology

The new vending technology, AirVend, is an android-based, point-of-sale device, which can be retrofitted to all vending machines within a matter of minutes.

 Its single hardware device features three core attributes; it displays nutritional information of each product inside the machine, gives consumers the ability to pay with either a phone or credit card, and provides vending machine owners with real-time sales information and inventory data through the device's interactive touchscreen.

On Apr. 28, VEND’s shares closed at $3.15, down 12 cents from its closing price of $3.27 the previous day.

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Central Wireless Inc. Stock Volume Soars

Finally, Central Wireless Inc. (OTCPINK: CWIR) share volume soared Apr. 28, with  71,636,080 changing hands, nearly 3 times more than its three-month average volume of 27,016,814 shares.

There is a dearth of information on the Rochester, N.Y.-based company that plans to be in the cannabis business. The company has not been in the news or issued any press releases.

Here is what we do know:

Central Wireless is in the position of restructuring its business and operations to engage in the business of growing, packaging, and dispensing cannabis, cannabis food products, and cannabis beverages in those states where such activities are lawfully permitted. The company's senior executive management expects this restructuring to be complete by Mar. 31, 2014.

So far, there has been on follow-up announcement.

On Apr. 28, CWIR’s shares closed at 0.0062 cents, up 0.0007 cents from its closing price of  0.0055 cents the previous day.

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