Ori Bengal’s "Uphill Pursuit of Passion" Offers Both Sculpture and Artist-In-Residence

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Ori Bengal’s "Uphill Pursuit of Passion" Offers Both Sculpture and Artist-In-Residence

Entrepreneur and avant-garde artist Ori Bengal brings his art to life with "Uphill Pursuit of Passion" Kickstarter project. Subscribers can win their own artist in residence for photo shoots, painting, sculpting and business consulting.

Austin, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 29th, 2014 - Ori Bengal is a talented, passionate and committed artist. 10 years ago, he moved out of his Florida beach high-rise, gave away his possessions and drove away to find himself. Ori’s self-imposed journey of discovery became a 6 year adventure and led him to his calling, art.

For those 6 years, he worked his way around the country surviving on talent, handiwork and the ability to connect with everyday people. He used his skills to design websites, run a print shop, build computers, and work as a professional photographer, 3D animator and video editor.

His cross-country adventure brought him in contact with college students, businessmen, cage-fighters, millionaires and everyone in between.

"All this time, I was searching for something, and I finally found it at age 35," said Ori.

Ori’s answer to his purpose in life suddenly hit him in a Hawaiian art museum. He had found his calling, or rather, it had found him. "I realized I’m an artist. I could do that, but I wasn’t. I was addicted."

The entrepreneur in Ori knew that accountability was what produced results. He created that accountability by vowing on Facebook to produce and share a piece of art every day for the next year. "I’ve been painting, drawing, sculpting every single day since I decided that I’m an artist," he said. He is now beginning his third year of daily creation and now is a professional artist.

Last November, an unusual number of mustached giraffes and other animals appeared on Facebook. Sales of those images, and the original art behind them, raised thousands of dollars for men’s health research.

Another painting Ori donated to charity sold for the highest sum ever brought in by a work of art in the Lone Star Foundation’s 35 year of charity auctions.

His art took another turn last year when he discovered digital 3-D printing. His digital sculptures lay somewhere between Hieronymus Bosch and M.C. Escher.

And now others can help Ori bring his art to life.

He has launched the "Uphill Pursuit of Passion" Kickstarter to help him take things to the next level. The launch of the campaign comes after 2 years of producing at least one piece of art per day. "Now it’s time," says Ori.
The primary goal is to get the art to as many people as possible, with a secondary goal being the purchase of the Makerbot Z-18 3D printer. "It is new, expensive and in demand," says Ori. This particular printer prints a 12” x 12” x 18” object at extremely fine (100 micron.. which is 0.0039 inch) resolution.

"I’m introducing my new sculpture, Sisyphus," he said. "Sisyphus will be my first sculpture that’s designed digitally, 3D printed, and cast in other material."

Kickstarter funds will let "Sisyphus be seen and collected by people all over the globe. I live to create, and people seem to love the work, so, let’s get it to people without gallery fees."

This particular sculpture will only be made available in multiple medium to people who pledge during the next 30 days. "After that", say Ori, "it will only be sold in bronze."

Entrepreneurs seem to gravitate towards this sculpture. They recognize that to achieve their goals, they have to constantly push despite the chance of failure or setback.

"Push to reach your dreams, and keep pushing until you get there," says Ori.

"I’m very fond of the efficiency that the digital medium provides. I have no problem slaving away over my art, so bring it on. I’ll create as many of them as you require."

Visit http://uphillpursuitofpassion.com/ for more information.

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