CORRECTING and REPLACING: 1st Nationwide Mortgage Joins Homes for Heroes Program

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CORRECTING and REPLACING: 1st Nationwide Mortgage Joins Homes for Heroes Program

1st Nationwide Mortgage announces a new loan program targeted to help specific Hometown Heroes who serve in communities around the country. This release replaces the published release on April 2, 2014

Aliso Viejo, USA / April 28th, 2014 / The corrected release reads:

CORRECTION: 1st Nationwide Mortgage Announces Hometown Heroes Program

The Hometown Heroes program seeks to give back to those of the community who give so much on a daily basis. This includes members of active duty military, retired military, reserve/guard, veterans, Police Departments, Schools, Fire Departments, employees of churches, not-for-profit organizations, community teachers, and medical healthcare workers.

The programs among a few loan programs aimed at helping borrowers save several thousand dollars during the real estate process. For those looking to buy a home, savings can be had in areas such as: Free Pre-Approvals, Home Inspections, Home Warranties, Title Insurance, and Appraisal Reports. For those looking to sell their home, savings can be found in areas like in the form of reduced realtor commission and reduced transaction fees. And lastly for existing homeowners looking to refinance, they can realize savings with a closing cost credit on either a basic home warranty or their appraisal fees.

“We wish to pay tribute to our heroes in the local communities in an exclusive and beneficial manner,” said Eric Catanzaro, a Mortgage Originator in Orange County. “It is essential that we give back to these individuals who have helped make it easier for people in the community and country, by making it easier for them to get into a home.”

1st Nationwide Mortgage is a growing mortgage company with multiple branches in California and throughout the country. Its objective is “to help home buyers and home owners with attractive financing solutions.” The Hometown Heroes program is among the various financing programs offered to accomplish that goal. 1st Nationwide Mortgage encourages members of their respective communities to inquire about hometown hero eligibility and to take advantage of the program.

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