BandFriend Announces New Version 2.5 with In-App Messaging

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BandFriend Announces New Version 2.5 with In-App Messaging

The popular free social networking application for musicians now with new chat feature

San Diego, CA / / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2014 / BandFriend, the popular free social networking application for musicians available on Android and iOS devices, is being upgraded today to version 2.5 and features new in-app messaging.  BandFriend helps local musicians discover, connect, and share all things music.  Now with BandFriend's new in-app messaging feature, finding musicians nearby to jam and collaborate with has never been easier. 

BandFriend's unique mobile collaboration and sharing approach fits the on-the-go lifestyles of musicians creating a great mobile networking app experience for musicians.  BandFriend helps musicians discover local talent, connect to jam or share ideas, and capture inspirational moments with a mobile device and share using SoundCloud and YouTube integration anyplace, anytime. 

"Being a musician, I know that inspiration rarely strikes sitting at home in front of a computer," says Stefan Immich, BandFriend's Founder and CEO. "BandFriend provides musicians a convenient solution to connect, discover, share, and now communicate even better with our in-app messaging.  Whether it's sharing ideas or reminding band members about upcoming practice sessions and gigs, BandFriend makes it easy."

"Plenty of people dream of becoming musicians but few realize just how hard that life can be. To break through, aspiring musicians must not only be good at their art but also know the right people so they can have a chance to show off just how good they are. With BandFriend, musicians are now able to connect and share with each other like never before." -Jordan Minor,

To download BandFriend 2.5, visit the Apple App and Google Play Stores and start making rock star dreams a reality.  For more information, visit

Contact: Rainer Boelzle, [email protected], 858-432-3865


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