3D Eye Solutions Inc. Enters e-Cigarette Business

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3D Eye Solutions Inc. Enters e-Cigarette Business

3D Eye Solutions Inc.’s (OTC Pink: TDEY) share volume skyrocketed Apr. 23, with 574,851,584 shares changing hands, more than six times greater than its three-month average volume of 89,224,412 shares.

The sudden surge in stock volume is being fueled by the Cheyenne, Wyo.-based company’s announcement that it’s entering the $2.5 billion e-cigarette market.

Booming Business

According to 3D Eye Solutions, reports are showing e-Cigs will continue to take away profit share from cigarettes over the next several years and reaching over 15% of total tobacco industry profit. The E-Cig market is on track to grow by 400% over the next 3 years alone, growing to a $10 billion by 2017.

3D Eye Solutions said it has positioned itself into an untouched area of the e-Cig market. In a press release, the  3D Solutions says its sister company PBS Holding Inc. has acquired Jazz Candles, which has strong ties to the Retail Gift Store Market.

Positioning Itself

According to the company, Jazz Candles' previous owner has connections with all the major rep groups/showrooms across the entire United States. He has secured us 2 major rep groups/showrooms to rep our full line of E-Cigs and Vapors. He is currently working on securing us more rep groups/showrooms to cover most of the United States, which will happen within the next 2 weeks.

Furthermore, 3D Eye Solutions says it’s proud to have J Brandes Inc., out of the Dallas Market Center, representing its full line of e-Cig products. J Brandes has been in business since 1964 and covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas selling some of the top name brands in the gift industry including Caffco and Crabtree and Evelyn. The Principal of J Brandes, Kim Brandes, has 6 road reps covering these 4 states.

On Apr.23, TDEY’s share price closed at 0.0016, up 0.0002 cents, or 14.29%,  from the previous day’s closing price of 0.0014 cents.

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Easton Pharmaceuticals Plans to Grow and Sell Medical Marijuana

In other news, Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCPINK: EAPH) enjoyed robust stock volume Apr. 23, with 15,169,293 shares changing hands

The volume comes the same day the Canadian pharmaceutical company announced that its current financing partners have committed to move forward, have asked for an exclusive and believe they will be able to finance the full $5,000,000 it needs to expand over the next year.

The additional financing is required to fulfill most, if not all initiatives which includes purchasing majority control of its early stage cancer drug "Xilive," completing patent applications and to move towards initiating early stage clinical trials in certain select countries and jurisdictions. Funding is also required to start manufacturing, marketing and sales of its OTC "Viorra" product and its other OTC line of products which are all at different stages of development, as well as to move towards finalizing on its medical marijuana initiatives which have advanced.

In a press release, Easton Pharmaceuticals also said it believes its efforts in the medical marijuana industry may soon result in a positive development that will allow the company to enter the medical marijuana industry as a possible grower and seller of medical marijuana and other types of marijuana products, which will include future growth and expansion abilities. This may initially involve certain jurisdictions of the United States, Canada and possibly both with adequate financing.

On Apr.23, EAPH share price closed at 3 cents, down 1 cent from the previous day’s closing price of 4 cents.

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Vape Holdings Inc.’s Stock Value Continues to Tumble

Meanwhile, Woodland Hills-Calif.-based Vape Holdings, Inc.’s (OTCQB: VAPE) stock volume soared Apr. 23 as it lost 57.17% of its share value, closing at $2.36, down $3.15 from its previous day’s close

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago, VAPE’s share value was $24.25. However, some industry experts are not surprised by e-cigarette maker’s sharp share value decline. They point to the extreme hype surrounding marijuana-related stocks and the fact that many of them have been suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some analysts believe that VAPE’s true value should be under $1 based on its limited cash, assets and the unlikelihood it will generate significant revenue anytime soon. 

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American Heritage International Selling e-Cigarettes at Select Exxon Gas Stations

Finally, American Heritage International Inc. (OTCQB: AHII) stock volume was also heavy  Apr. 23, with 1,144,489  shares changing hands, nearly twice its three-month average volume of 577,488 shares.

The high volume comes on the heels of yet another positive press release from the Las Vegas-based disposable e-cigarette maker.

American Heritage’s Footprint Growing

The company announced Apr. 23 that what it describes as its 'best in class' premium electronic cigarette is now available for sale at select Exxon gas stations in Texas and South Carolina.

“Every day we are working hard to secure placement for our American Heritage(TM) Brand in retail outlets across the United States. Part of our nationwide rollout strategy is to continue to expand out from established footholds secured within market leaders such as Exxon with the goal of maximizing the exposure for our brand,” said CEO of American Heritage Anthony Sarvucci.

On Apr. 23, AHII’s share price closed at 85 cents, down 5 cents from the share price of 90 cents the previous day.

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