Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Announces First Tower Site Selected

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Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Announces First Tower Site Selected

Land Agreement Executed & Recorded

Annapolis, MD / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2014 / Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCQB: SWET, the “Company”), the inventor of large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, today is pleased to announce that the Company has made a final site selection within the City of San Luis, Arizona for the development of its first project in the United States. After a substantial evaluation of multiple sites in the southwestern part of the country over a two and a half year period, including various locations in proximity to San Luis, Arizona, the Company chose the site location that best met all of its required attributes including climate, geography, zoning, as well as a welcoming environment.

On April 11, 2014 the Company executed an option agreement to purchase a site encompassing over 600 acres of land within the City of San Luis, Arizona, which was later was recorded in Yuma County, Arizona. On April 23, 2014, the City Council of San Luis, Arizona approved moving forward with a “Development and Protected Development Rights Agreement” which would facilitate the development of the Solar Wind Energy Tower Project in San Luis.

Ron Pickett, CEO of Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. stated,  “The San Luis site was selected in part by utilizing our recently announced proprietary software which can accurately calculate and predict energy production 24/7 given local weather data. By feeding the weather data into the program, the outcome dictates the optimum size of the Tower’s dimensions as well as its financial performance. As a result, Solar Wind Energy deemed this location as prime for a Tower Project.”

He added, “These events are major milestones in moving our Company from a development stage company to that of a full scale development company. Now that a final site has been selected, we can focus efforts on securing the appropriate development partner and engineers to bring our tower project to life and vision to fruition. We look forward to these next steps and to getting the first Solar Wind Energy Tower Project built in San Luis.”

Abundant, Clean, Affordable Electricity Production

Under the most recent design specifications, the first San Luis Tower has a design capacity on an hourly basis, of up to 1,250 megawatt hours, gross. Due to lower capacities during winter days, the average hourly output per day for sale to the grid for the entire year is approximately 435 megawatt hours.

About Solar Wind Energy, Inc.

Solar Wind Energy, Inc. (“Solar Wind Energy”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., was established to utilize proven and validated scientific principles, combining them with state of the art construction systems to enable the development and commercialization of large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures that produce abundant, inexpensive electricity. 

Our Company’s core objective and focus is to become a leading enabler of clean, efficient green energy to the world communities, at a reasonable cost, without the destructive residuals of fossil fuels, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for tomorrow’s electrical power needs.

The Company intends to establish partnerships at home and abroad to propagate Tower Projects and meet the increasing global demand for electricity.

The Company does not intend to own the projects. The business plan includes receiving license fees for territories, development fees during construction, and recurring royalty fees based on the actual kilowatt hours produced by the Tower.

Solar Wind Energy has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, engineering and scientific consultants with the proven ability to bring this solution to market.

Solar Wind Energy has filed and been issued patents that the Company believes will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology. Solar Wind Energy, Inc., based in Annapolis, MD, is traded on the OTCQB under the symbol ‘SWET’. For more information visit

Innovative Renewable Hybrid Solar / Wind Energy Technology 

We view ourselves as a hybrid solar/wind technology, reflected in the name, Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. The simplicity of our solution is comprised of harnessing the natural power of a downdraft created within the confines of our Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure, a hollow cylinder reaching skyward into the hot, dry atmosphere heated by the solar rays of the sun. The water introduced by the injection system near the top of the Tower evaporates and is absorbed by the hot, dry air. The air becomes cooler, denser and heavier than the outside warmer air and falls through the cylinder at speeds up to and in excess of 50 mph and is diverted into wind tunnels surrounding the base of the Tower where turbines inside the tunnels power generators to produce electricity.


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Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Statements included in this release may constitute "forward-looking statements". Actual results may differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements. Such statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties such as competitive factors, technological development, market demand and the Company’s ability to obtain new contracts and accurately estimate revenues, if any, due to variability in size, scope and duration of projects, and internal issues in the sponsoring client. Further information on potential factors that could affect the Company’s financial results, can be found in the Company’s various filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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